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sleepFor those of you with your heads buried in move-in, this weekend was also a time of meeting and greeting for the Twelves, as student groups began the race to lure fresh blood with a number of mini-club fairs in preparation for the big one on the plaza this Friday.

Student Councils and governing boards had a session on Sunday, and guess who didn’t show up? According to a source present at the event, the CCSC table was empty — 11:30 am on a Sunday might have been a bit much to ask.

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  1. student council  

    Freshmen had CCSC info sessions this past Friday and Saturday.

  2. Anonymous  

    "They're just like us!"

  3. re: photo

    is that a freshman, or Bristol Palin's baby?


  4. blah

    What a great start for the loud and obnoxious George Krebs! I hope all you idiots who voted for George enjoy the start of what promises to be a trend of laziness and incompetence!

    Also Freshman info sessions are run by the James Bogner and the Elections Board, not CCSC.

  5. CCSC  

    While CCSC will not deny our absence at the Freshmen Activities Fair this past Sunday, to which we did not receive an invitation, we did host 2 hour and a half information sessions on Friday and Saturday night. Well advertised as mandatory information sessions for individuals looking to run for freshmen council, the 80+ participants will certainly not describe these events as lazy or lacking in any way.

    We look forward to seeing the entire student body at the activities fair Friday afternoon. If anyone is interested in receiving more information regarding CCSC please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]

    • well  

      if first years are interested in elections they should reach out to the elections board itself. [email protected]

  6. nice try #7

    Nice try George or whoever wrote comment #7. Freshman info sessions are run by the Elections Board, not CCSC. So don't go taking credit for them.

    Oh and are we really supposed to believe that out of all the student groups and all the governing boards and councils, CCSC, the largest board, SOMEHOW didn't get an invitation?....yeeahh...

  7. Senior!  

    Fuck a CCSC meeting. Where's my free beer?

  8. never...

    you're not going to get it, george and mark are going to fuck it up.

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