The East Campus Anti-Feminist Smackdown

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has breathlessly recounted an argument that occurred between Columbia’s own James, a self-described anti-feminist with a private Facebook page, and an unnamed Barnard student who slapped him for saying that he hadn’t met an “intellectual feminist” in his life. Naturally, this all happened this weekend at a party East Campus because of course.

James’ mysterious and covert Facebook also features a theoried-out anti-feminist rant. It’s cryptic and long and its coherence is tenuous, but you can read the whole thing on Jezebel (if you’re so inclined).

Oh okay fine, here’s the thesis: “The ethos of the feminist movement and gender relations today in America [is] the homosexualization and corruption of women into earthly creatures moved only by sex and material power, incapable of affirming a natural and sacred feminine identity in favor of an unnatural masculine one.”

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  1. his

    manifesto is pretty long and rambling and misguided at times, but it certainly is rather serious intellectual encounter with gender and feminism.

    but, the very fact that he is able to write this paper about feminism proves that there is intellectual feminism. certainly he comments at the ec party were ad hominem rhetoric rather than a real argument, but he certainly has one in his essay.

    if feminism is nothing more that women become individuals in the world of capitalist production, in essence they become labor just like men, and all become slaves to the idea of continuous production as a good.

    let's face it someone's got to raise the kids. maybe it should be mommy and daddy, but it certainly should be neither.

    • ...

      i couldn't make it through the whole thing. but one ginormous hole i've found in his thinking is the fact that many, many lesbians/feminists tend to live alternative lifestyles. all the lesbians i've ever known have worked for nonprofits, owned coffee shops or have been working artists. a line of existence that is pretty much orthogonal to his one dimensional view of the world.

      in fact, i'd argue that the imaginary feminist/lesbian model that he presents is rare, i think most lesbians are more interested in smoking pot and listening to rusted root rather than challenging him for his seat in front of microsoft excel.

  2. The King of Spain

    He could have better argued that feminism is just an example of radical Lockean philosophy, as many conservatives do, rather than propping up Victorian gender roles with short quotations from biologists.

    Unfortunately he has to wait three semesters to learn about that, and until then it's "nonsense upon stilts!"

  3. ba-da bing  

    he's also a self described fascist.

  4. intellectual

    feminism doesn't exist, that much is true. Nevertheless, this guy's writing is as dry and unpleasant as an old feminist's vagina. Lighten up, douchebag!

  5. Whoa whoa whoa  

    I thought gender was a social construct


    Controversy erupts on campus as a petticoat was found suspended outside a female professor's office.

  7. pizzaparty  

    As a witness to this slapping, it must be said that the girl who did it was stumbling drunk and probably didn't even realize what she was doing. She also did it because he refused to get her a beer, instead of the quoted comment. Not quite the feminist hero described in Jezebel, but whatever.

  8. his friend  

    his names isn't james, and she was just dumb

  9. @ pizzaparty  

    This had nothing to do with him getting her a beer.

  10. correction

    the offensive song in question was "soulja boy." worthy of a slap, no?

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