Gawker Honors Self-Portrait-Prone Hipster with its Highest Honor

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Our friends at Gawker have taken a liking to one special Barnard gal, and her name is Lizzy Fraser. You might have seen her in your 20th century art class, or, failing that, probably at St. A’s.  According to the gossip site, she’s one of the “Upper Class of 2008,” specifically in the “New Edies” phylum. 

Says Gawker: “The ghost of Edie Sedgwick reincarnate: model, Columbia undergrad, Warholophile and photographer favoring self-portraits of herself surrounded by a minimum of four mirrors in varying sizes and shapes. See”

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  1. bwog

    should maybe just integrate an RSS feed of items tagged "columbia" on gawker media blogs?

  2. what?  

    how is this even newsworthy?

  3. barnard?=Columbia?  

    when did barnard equate to Columbia? Gawker should do its research better next time.

    oh, and by the way i am a guy. So no I am not the jealous Columbia girl type trying to "nitpick" the relationship between barnard and columbia.

    barnard is barnard. It is not an ivy league.

  4. seriously?

    Can we agree that lizzy's site is a glorified facebook album with a bunch of amateur photography and narcissistic wanna be bullshit

  5. I don't know  

    about all this, but she's really nice! I mean, maybe it was just a drunk thing, but i had a really rando chat with her once in a Wien hallway. She was totally cool.

    p.s. #3, please complete Lit Hum before shitting on anyone. Also, you're right, Barnard is not an Ivy League, because it's a college, not a football league.

  6. Word

    I blew coke with this chick freshman year. She's worthless.

  7. stfu  

    a college that tries to be the backdoor to an Ivy League, that is.

    Barnard chicks are always pretending to be Columbians. so sad. makes me want to cry.

  8. uhhhh

    there is really nothing very interesting about her art or photography. why is she on that list?

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