Swipe Access: Not So Fast, Part II

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Earlier today, we spoke to SGA President Sarah Besnoff, who explained that despite reports of Swipe Access’ imminence, in fact, a CCSC/SEAS survey on the issue is the next step in actually moving forward on this thing.

According to CCSC VP of Policy Adil Ahmed, this survey will be sent out “shortly.” CCSC is currently working with Housing and Dining, and then must present their efforts to Security.

As for the GS question, according to Ahmed: “[CCSC has] only talked about BC and will be incorporating GS into the discussions shortly. We’re going to work on this in stages with BC getting first priority.”  

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  1. livinginclaremont  

    will CC students get swipe access to barnard?

  2. Off Topic:  

    Does anyone know if we can still forward our Cubmail messages to another (Gmail) account? More importantly, does anyone know how to go about doing it if it's possible?

  3. the hell?  

    Great, so GS comes after Barnard? They couldn't deal with both at once? Because it sure is a biiig question: should we give Columbia students, who pay Columbia tuition and use Columbia facilities, the same rights as Columbia students? God, that's a toughie. Thanks, Columbia. Assholes.

    • Except...  

      they don't pay for the same housing. Different facilities. Your "Columbia" tuition does not include Columbia Undergraduate Housing.

      • Get over it  

        You're more like grad students who don't have bachelor's degrees than you are like normal undergrads. You don't live in residence halls, most of you don't participate in campus clubs or activities, and most of you don't socialize with the rest of the undergraduate population on the level that it would be appropriate for you to be able to come over without permission.

  4. In the Know

    Don't be so offended GS its actually a legit concern for Columbia to allow GS students into Columbia residence halls. The vast majority of GS are significantly older than CC students. While many of you are 21-23, thus not much older than CC seniors, the majority of GS is well above that age. Now the University, as well as many parents, are concerned about granting late 20 year olds unrestricted access to the living quarters of 18 yr olds who are probably living away from home for the first time and thus naive about a lot of serious safety things. This is not meant as a jab at GS and I don't mean to say that should GS be granted access you all of a sudden get a bunch of problems as a result, but it is a legit concern. Parents get nervous about their kids. Additionally, most CC students go to other residence halls for social reasons. Obviously, studying goes on in the dorms and obviously CC kids can be friends with GS kids, but excluding that group of young 20-23 year old GS types, the vast majority of GS doesn't have any business being in the Columbia residence halls. If you want to study, you go to the library. On the other hand, Barnard students are on par with their CC peers regarding everything I mentioned above. So that's why Columbia doesn't allow GS swipe access and probably won't in the future. Its also why they will not allow access for barnard students if they feel it will lead to a stronger case for GS. Don't take offense, its just reality.

    • ...  

      i don't have any friends in the dorms, so it doesn't really bother me. that said, if i did, i do see how it could get old.

      however, i do find it ridiculous that the registrar would schedule gs sections of courses in shared dormitory/academic buildings where gs students have to go through the whole security song and dance for every class meeting.

      more importantly, i think that having two mirrored colleges of arts and sciences that are only different in what they'll allow you to transfer in and how much financial aid they make available is really the big issue in gs.

      at pretty much every other university, undergrad is undergrad. or the schools are delineated based on academic characteristics alone. columbia draws an artificial line with gs that is pretty much based only on age.

  5. Karl Koch

    That's ridiculous. I recently went through GS and was the same age as CC/SEAS traditional students. I participated in numerous groups and socialized with students of every school.

    Other schools don't seem to have a problem with letting older people into dorms. Harvard recently housed Rivers Cuomo in regular undergraduate housing during his final semester there, and he's a bigger creep than anyone you'll find in GS.

    • wow  

      congratulations, do you want a cookie? you're absolutely right, we were making broad statements about ALL GS students and the fact that you happen to be one exception surely invalidates any argument against GS students gaining swipe access.

  6. CCer  

    So now you're suggesting Columbia allow GS to live in Undergraduate Housing? Considering they can barely/not really fit all the undergrads that they guarantee housing (they split a bunch of singles into highly unfortunate, inhumanely sized and shaped doubles this year), I don't think this is a good proposition.

  7. barnard

    we all know why barnard is getting priority. they're the ones that need access to columbia dorms. dorm rooms, that is ;)

  8. GSkidsarecreepy  

    I don't want them in my dorm.

  9. Anonymous  

    The problem about GS can be easily addressed. Have all GS-ers wear striped prison uniforms or equip them with those ankle bracelet monitors. Since they are sketchy characters who, because of their age and decision to pursue a rigorous Ivy League education despite the fact that many of them have already achieved professional success in their lives, clearly need to be watched before they act out in sketchy ways.

  10. clarification  

    the reason that GS is not being worked on at the same time as Barnard is because fewer GS students would have access to the Columbia Dorms because you have to actually live in them to have access to them. Any student (in CC/SEAS) who lives off campus loses the right to enter any dorms as well and because GS has separate housing almost none of them would be affected by universal swipe anyway. so GS should not feel left out, it is just that this would not change anything for them.

  11. blue ribbon!

    i love it. wake up masses and fight for your right to be free! surveys are stall tactics! the bwog should do an investigative report. I think the councils have called for surveys ever year for the past 5 years.

  12. Barnardstudent

    Somehow, I got swipe access to the CC/SEAS dorms, the law school, and SIPA. It was like God was sick watching me wait for all of my club meetings that were scheduled in the bway sky lounge. Don't me ask how it happened, it just did.

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