A James Franco of the Mind

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Several tipsters have pointed us in the direction of this Observer piece, which announces that James Franco, MFA ‘?? will star as Allen Ginsberg, CC ’48, in an upcoming biopic.

And while we’re on the topic of Franco (the plaintive soul at right), last night he was spotted studying in Blue Java “with massive hipster headphones staring at his Mac.” Reportedly he looked “scruffy” and was sporting a black Jansport backpack.

That said, as a general policy and a nod to basic human decency, we will not be posting Franco sightings in real time. But continue to send them in, and we’ll do a FrancoWatch wrap-up whenever the need arises.

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  1. Speaking of  

    Allen Ginsberg, first Philo meeting of the semester is this Thursday, 9:30PM in the Gustavino Room in the basement of St. Paul's Chapel. Come debate Resolved: Natural Selection is over - We Won!

  2. pat on the back

    i definitely agree -- let's let james go to school in relative peace. he doesn't need a bunch of obnoxious undergrads giggling or chasing after him.

  3. casual observer  

    the best part was when a gaggle of frat boys approached him to try to get him to rush.

  4. Rubeintz  


    "Dude, we can get you so many chicks over at teta!"


  5. francophile  

    I REQUEST A CHANGE IN POLICY. please. we demand realtime.

  6. franco  

    i saw franco talking to someone in front of Havana yesterday and resisted the urge to make a Freaks and Geeks quote at rather high decibels.

  7. come oonnn!  

    couldn't you have picked a hotter picture of the man?


  8. MFA 08

    And strangely enough, Franco in Richard Howard's lecture this semester and Richard Howard diddled Allen Ginsberg in the 60s.

  9. Split

    There have been numerous sightings at NYU. Do you think he passed or is on some joint degree they only give to superstars ?

    • Alum

      He's not in a joint-degree program. He's just enrolled in two different programs concurrently. There are probably other CU students with lower profiles who are doing the same thing (though not necessarily at NYU).

      I doubt that either CU or NYU would even know Franco was attending both institutions but for all the publicity.

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