The Politics of Press Credentialing

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The matter of how the 200 Obamacain seats would be assigned was a pressing concern for about 15,000 of you.  At the same time, many campus media organizations applied for press credentials (which were approved — or, in all cases but two, denied — by ServiceNation), so that they could record, report, videotape, and photograph the event from the coveted interior of Roone. 

According to a University spokesperson, Columbia didn’t secure any of the 200 seats for campus media. However, ServiceNation did save a seat for one lucky Spectator reporter — our money’s on Joy Resmovits, the deputy campus news editor who got the initial scoop — and, in an exciting new development, one for Bwog too. 

Meanwhile, the Columbia-affiliated CTV applied for credentials from ServiceNation and was denied, as was WKCR.

“Unfortunately, because it’s not a university sponsored event, the University has very little say in who gets credentialed and as of right now. It doesn’t look like any of the campus media groups are being credentialed,” said Allison Yang, the CTV news director. (The University spokesperson said that a livefeed would be broadcast on CTV.)

However, the majority of the press will work from outside Roone, in designated press room with a live feed of the Summit.

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  1. umm...  

    "(which were approved -- or, in all cases but one, denied -- by ServiceNation)"

    How is it in all cases but one, if both CTV and WKCR got denied?? Cmon bwog...amateur mistakes!

  2. Unfunny  

    Jester is unfunny and spreading lies!

  3. ahh

    I get it... (theoretically) approved by ServiceNation but in reality, rejected by them for all groups other than the Spec. Still kinda confusing, though, Bwog.

  4. WKCR  

    was denied by servicenation but will be in the overflow room. We'll either have a live feed or a rebroadcast that night.

  5. give the credential

    to Pierce Stanley, lecture hop editor.

  6. oh..  

    and Pierce Stanley, stop commenting on bwog. your pieces are lame

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