1. SOME  

    Athlete's aren't dumb, that distinction needs to be made along with the fact that that article did nothing to sway anyone's opinion.

  2. Obama

    is actually going to lose this race.

    • ...  

      yep. he pretty much sealed the deal with joe biden.

      and the worst part is, i'm going to have to endure years of taunting by my hillary supporting friends...

      hey AMERICA! how'd you like those last eight years? GOOD! we're going to do it again!

      • EAL  

        I'm sorry, but you lose all credibility when you claim that McCain will be the same as Bush.

        If McCain becomes president, he will likely face large Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, something Bush never really had to face (the Democrats haven't had large enough majorities for the last two years to count). So McCain will not be forcing a extreme agenda through Congress like Bush did in his first four years, because he simply won't have the votes on Capitol Hill. That means (probably) no new wars (as aspects of the far left claim McCain is pushing for). Also, if Obama loses (and that's still a really big "if"), you can bet your ass that the Democrats will be really sore about it, and they will do the best they can to stymie any McCain legislation. That includes Supreme Court justice nominations. So you'll likely see a lot of deadlock and eventual compromise, just like in the 1990s, but without all the sex.

  3. Calm down.

    Yeah, he's had an awful stretch and, yeah, he may well blow this, but there are two months and four debates left. Elections have flipped in much shorter time frames than that.

    If he's in the same shape come the end of October, I'm with you, but not much point in getting depressed about crystal ball predictions.

  4. WHERE?  

    where did the obamacain bwog banner go?

  5. the biden  

    issue can go either way-- it will help him with some people and hurt him with others. just as palin helps mccain with some and hurts with others.

    you can just draw an arbitrary conclusion that the race is lost when there is still a significant amount of time before election. who knows what other dirty laundry regarding palin could come to light in the next coming weeks. after all, mccain only vetted her for about a week, not nearly enough time to find out every dirty detail.

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