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An easy way to save money is avoiding stuff that costs money. But since pretty much everything costs money, the key to balancing a normal lifestyle and your budget involves avoiding unnecessary expenses. 

Haircuts can fall into the unnecessary expenses category for a while, but not forever.  And although you may only get a haircut twice a year, there’s little sense in spending a ton at an overpriced salon. So if you’re short on cash and in need of a trim, don’t let your roommate do it.  Instead, take a look at the following suggestions.  The prices and ambience vary for each, but they are all reliable.  

Astor Place Hair

Located in the basement of a building just off Broadway, Astor Place is a New York landmark. What the décor lacks in style—no windows, naked light bulbs and lots of mirrors covered in headshots, autographs and newspaper clippings—the employees make up for in friendliness and expertise.  The stylists are quick, friendly and good at what they do. There’s never a line and the cost of wash and cut rarely exceeds thirty dollars. No appointments.  No credit cards.

2 Astor Place at Broadway; 347 535 1844

Bumble and Bumble University

If you’re more adventurous and willing to wait, apply to be a model at Bumble and Bumble University, a salon whose purpose is to train student hairstylists.   Don’t recoil at the word “student,” all stylists are well trained and highly responsive to their clients’ wishes.  And it is absolutely free.  The only drawback is that it usually takes about two weeks to process your application.

415 West 13th St between 9th Ave and Washington Street; 1 866 BUMBLE 7 

Aveda Institute

If you’re more adventurous and not willing to wait, book an appointment at the Aveda Institute.  Like Bumble and Bumble, the Aveda Institute offers discounted cuts for people willing to be the guinea pigs for stylists-in-training.  Unlike Bumble and Bumble, Aveda charges twenty dollars and is known to be a slightly less trustworthy and slightly more snooty.  But the Rosemary Mint shampoo smells so good.  

233 Spring Street between 6th Ave and Varick Street; 212 847 1492

Dop Dop

Dop Dop was once, and perhaps still is, one of New York’s trendier salons.  And while hairstyles come and go, the quality of cuts here has remained the same. Modeling on Monday is a weekly program that gives both student and professional stylists a chance to practice new cuts and techniques.  It costs thirty-five dollars, but there is no application process and walk-ins are welcome.

170 Mercer between Houston and Prince Street; 212 343 1897


One way to save money is to skip the salon and go straight to stylist’s home. This may sound sketchy, but hairstylists are a relatively gentle breed.  And Bwog recommends Heart, who has no surname and is as invariably warm and friendly as her name suggests.  Her apartment is a bit overwhelming at first — pink and red wallpaper, crushed velvet and cheetah print — but not only does she pay attention to what you ask for, she is able to recommend styles that enhance your features and natural hair type.

W 26th St between 7th and 8th Aves Apartment 1R; 212 741 2934 266

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  1. love

    i love astor place, i force myself off campus down there whenever i need a haircut

  2. name

    You forgot about the Hair School for Men, over on 10th btw 4th and 3rd aves.

    I think you can still get a cut for $5.

    Buyer Beware.

  3. hair model  

    I'm a hair model and I love it. Free haircuts and color that turn out really good.

  4. one more
    You get a free haircut at Frederic Fekkai (it's recommended you tip, and whether you decide to tip what you would pay for a cheap haircut elsewhere is your call).

  5. eric  

    astor place is great

  6. brooklyn

    anything you want, $15 tops. y'all suckas.

  7. 125th st?

    forget the name, but there's a barbershop right there w/ reasonable prices and super-nice hispanohablante hair-cutters.



  9. barbership  

    at 72nd and amsterdam is great - russian dudes for 15 bucks

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