QuickSpec: As Ephemeral as Autumn Edition

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Iceland’s President keeps his politics cool, and then in a snowy flourish, he was gone.

Radio Perfecto came and went… and now it’s time for something completely different.

Columbia’s Capital Campaign gets a boost.

Battle of the Editorials: It’s Kwame vs. Ariel!

Battle of the Books: It’s Barnes & Noble vs. Book Culture!

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  1. boo brown  

    The Kwame article is great.

  2. Say what.  

    Ariel Hudes is a former Columbia columnist who was a bit less malignant when she worked for the Spectator. Her main argument is against the hunger strike, and the pettiness she felt it represented. Whatever you wish to think about what happened, I think positive dialogue, difficult conversations around race, displacement, the future of the university and the student body are anything but petty and "minor concerns."

  3. liveatfolsomprison  

    John henry's pappy woke him up one midnight!
    He said before the sheriff comes i wanna tell you
    (he said listen boy)
    learn to hoist a jack!!
    and learn to lay a track.
    learn to pick, and shovel too!
    (and take that hammer!)
    it'll do anything, you tell it to!

  4. alum '08

    Kwame's column was awesome.

  5. truth  

    here's a better idea: let's ignore BROWN! ariel -- and her projected (and published) insecurities -- just like we ignored Columbia ariel. seems like college is what you make of it, no matter where you go.

    but I guess hitting her back for her bullshit works too.

  6. Hudes' impression  

    of CU was also probably influenced in small part by the circling vultures online picking apart every word she wrote.

  7. why  

    can't I find any Hudes' articles on the spec website? she did write for the spectator last year, no?

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