The “Stephan” Endorsement

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There’s been much commotion surrounding the possibility of a “Stephan” endorsement in the CCSC 2012 Class Council elections — three whole comments’ worth and a Facebook group update, to be exact!

Would “Stephan” keep things nonpartisan? Would he suspend the pregaming… lol to go to Washington, and fix the economy? Bwog spoke with “Stephan” who had the following to say:

“Just about every party SEAS and CC alike have asked me to endorse them. After a thorough analysis of all the groups, I have decided to officially endorse New York Connection in regards to the CC election and SuperFu for the SEAS. I firmly believe that these two parties will help take our class to the next level. Thank you for your interest.”

Oh and what’s this? A bonus SEAS endorsement for reasons unknown? Hooray!

Update, 11:15am: Mason Fitch of Vision 2012 would like it to be known that his party was not among those who sought “Stephan’s” endorsement. “Hooray for us,” he adds.

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  1. seriously  

    does this kid make anyone else want to vomit? talk about thinking too highly of yourself...

  2. please

    seriously bwog, don't do this...please don't pay attention to this loser. He was probably pathetic in high school, and now he's trying to make up for it at Columbia. It's douches like this that motivate me to graduate ASAP and leave this school

  3. wait  

    the '12s are actually on campus, and orientation is over.... do we still care about stephan and why? I mean seriously, no one gives a shit.

  4. maybe  

    bwog endorses "Stephan"?

  5. all y'all haters  

    this shit makes me laugh so hard. please Bwog, don't stop. My lonely, sad life here at Columbia is a little brighter because of Stephan.

  6. Anonymous  

    k, what's up with all this bash on stephan since like summer, he's a chilling guy in real life so what if he's got attention, all y'all haters just want some too

    • a verb  

      is not a describing word.
      "he's a chilling guy" makes no sense.

      speak english and maybe someone will listen to you. you go to columbia. there is no reason to talk like that.

      • HAHAHA  

        hahahahahaha omg, that was hilarious. THANK YOU! I hate it when people talk like that, too!

      • Anonymous  

        i hate it when people pull the columbia card especially in the school...just cuz somebody goes to columbia doesn't mean they have to stuck up and particular about everything and everyone...
        heard me the first time: he's a chillin guy
        u dunno what that means, maybe leave ur dorm room once in a while

      • DHI  

        Nah dude, it can work as an adjective: "The chilling truth of the situation is that we are all going to become citizens of China and the government will shoot us in the head whenever we say something they don't like."

        He's a chilling guy.

  7. I support

    stephan! Haters need to stop hating.

    • well  

      I wouldn't go that far, but I would say that his antics bring a smile of superiority to my life. Maybe all the bad press and people being "negative" will force him to transfer to Brown...

  8. Yup  

    Get out of your dorm and see that it's a bit chilly outside...DUH! Walken owned you.

    Why else would someone be chilling.

  9. Ccsc

    I like the mason fitch platform.

  10. Did anyone  

    actually go to the "pregame lol" party?

  11. I'm  

    completely okay with Stephan. I am not okay with his ponytail.

  12. but  

    being snobbish is never admirable. I think you all need to "chill."

  13. Why does Bwog...

    go out of it's way to inflate this guy's already superinflated ego?

    Stop making "Stephan" newsworthy. All he is is some freshman who thought it would be awesome to advertise a Carman party on Facebook, and was dumb enough to say "CAN YOU SAY PREGAME LULZ?" as a legit reason to go to some club he's pitching for.

  14. I don't know  

    what it is that I hate more about this kid: the fact that he makes ridiculous bank at his parties or that he is fly as hell. Regardless I shall keep on hating.

  15. i wonder  

    if josé has ever even been in mudd

  16. hahahahahhaha  

    I wanted to rip out a pair of scissors and cut off his pony tail last night.



    seriously y'all... let's get a Stephan watch and a Krebs watch and a Franco watch going on Bwog, isn't that what it was made for?

  18. what  

    where YOU doing...?

  19. picture please  

    Can we have a picture of this "Stephan"? I don't have a facebook.

  20. oh.hello.there  

    First, GO REAL PARTY! by far the best CC platform.

    Also, stop blowing up "Stephan"'s ego. He actually can be a pretty chill guy, but more often he's a douche who thinks he owns campus/Carman. I think following his antics is actually hilarious, but why not let his 15 minutes of fame run out faster by not mentioning him.

    Anyway, Bwog, you still keep me laughing, keep up the good work! Hilarious.

  21. Chilling guy  

    He's a chilling guy! It's the slang! It's like the club-owner! He's chilling your drinks! He's chilling your stresses! He's a chilling guy.


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