There’s been much commotion surrounding the possibility of a “Stephan” endorsement in the CCSC 2012 Class Council elections — three whole comments’ worth and a Facebook group update, to be exact!

Would “Stephan” keep things nonpartisan? Would he suspend the pregaming… lol to go to Washington, and fix the economy? Bwog spoke with “Stephan” who had the following to say:

“Just about every party SEAS and CC alike have asked me to endorse them. After a thorough analysis of all the groups, I have decided to officially endorse New York Connection in regards to the CC election and SuperFu for the SEAS. I firmly believe that these two parties will help take our class to the next level. Thank you for your interest.”

Oh and what’s this? A bonus SEAS endorsement for reasons unknown? Hooray!

Update, 11:15am: Mason Fitch of Vision 2012 would like it to be known that his party was not among those who sought “Stephan’s” endorsement. “Hooray for us,” he adds.