2012 Class Council Election Results

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Hooray, the 2012 Class Council election results for ESC and SGA are here. Meet your new teams:


President: Derrick Fu (SuperFu)

Vice-President: Jessica Wu (SuperFu)

Representative: Eric Harms (SuperFu)

Representative: Judy Kim (FuReal)


President: Charlie Dinkin

Vice President: Bo Yun Park

Treasurer: Astrika Wilhelm

You might recall that “Stephan” did endorse SuperFu.  And probably would have endorsed Charlie, Bo, and Astrika had we asked for an SGA pick.

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  1. Damn Straight  

    He enforsed them.

  2. bc12  

    astrika is so fucking annoying

  3. Something's wrong...  

    Last time I checked SGA was for women...

    I assume Charlie is short for something else?

  4. mad asians  

    in the Freshmen class council.

  5. calm down  

    who's "stephan"?

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