At this time of year, newness comes in all forms, from the obvious (your new dorm, your new classes, your new books, your new backpack) to the unanticipated (your replacement macBook charger, your subscription to Netflix to replace Kim’s.)  And while the novelty of these items is, well, novel, the polish of your purchases and the glow of your post-consumption satisfaction wears off as soon as your credit card bill comes at the end of the month.

In addition, New York City is notoriously pricey, your Morningside Heights being no exception. So when it comes to the question of making the most of their money, our heady first-years are pretty hard-pressed. 

But this semester, Bwog is at the service of the 12s. We will be offering tips to help you make ends meet and to prevent you from feeling broke all the time. The intention is to provide you with easy and applicable ways to save money.  Expect lots of information about wallet-friendly restaurants, stores and cultural venues in addition to periodic budgeting techniques.

The series begins this week with easy lessons:

  • Instead of Westside and Morton Williams, go to Fairway. The produce is far cheaper.  Embrace buying in bulk.
  • Instead of Book Culture and the Columbia Book Store, use Yes.  Online shopping involves delayed purchasing satisfaction and postal charges, but the savings are worth it.
  • Instead of Poland Spring 24-packs and coolers, reuse and refill your bottle at Butler.  The water fountain there is by far the coldest on campus. And you’re saving money and the planet simultaneously.
  • Instead of Marlboros, DIY it with a pouch of Drum loose tobacco. The opportunity cost of rolling your own is astronomical.
  • Instead of club-hopping downtown, support your local bar. And in the morning you’ll be glad you saved. Try Sip Bar and Lounge on 109th and Amsterdam. Half-priced menu Mondays and free tapas with all drink orders during their bi-nightly happy hours. West Village it’s not, but after a couple rounds it’s pretty easy to forget the chintzy atmosphere.

Many of these may be already be familiar to you, if so, you’re ahead the game and well on your way to reaping monetary gains.  And upperclassmen, if you have further suggestions, please use the comments or email us. The 12s, as always, will reward you lavishly.