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CQA’s First Friday Dance: Saturday Remix

Tonight, the CQA, Columbia’s Queer Alliance, celebrates LGBT rights and fights for everyone’s right to party with the First Friday Dance. On Saturday.

Nothing sets the atmosphere for a dance party better than torrential rain, right? How lucky we are to celebrate the First Friday Dance of the semester on this diluvial Saturday! If you’re not a fan of going out in hurricane weather and are considering taking a rain check on “the hottest dance on the Upper Westside,” according to the CQA, live va Queer Prom last spring to see all the Kate Perry pumped fun you’ll be missing.  

More love in the club after the jump.















































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  • Dave C. says:

    @Dave C. Is that Prop Joe in the black shirt and tie?

  • I'm Gay says:

    @I'm Gay But otherwise I fit your descriptors. There’s absolutely a scene. First Friday was a less than stellar experience for me.

  • what does says:

    @what does live va mean?

  • why is gay says:

    @why is gay weather always the same?

    queer and sunny, high 69!

  • curious says:

    @curious I’ve always wanted to go to one of the “first Friday” things but always felt too awkward (since I’m not really part of the ‘scene’). It looks kinda fun though.

    1. first friday says:

      @first friday IS SO MUCH FUCKING FUN.

      i dont know what ‘scene’ you’re talking about, but I just go with a few friends and have a damn good time.

      1. please says:

        @please don’t act like there’s not a “scene”

      2. #8 again says:

        @#8 again What I meant was that I don’t know much about gay culture, have never been to a queer event, my friends are all straight, etc. I would feel like a bit of an outsider.

  • anna says:

    @anna steffans is adorable.

  • lol says:

    @lol i slept with one of the people in those pictures… thanks for bringing back memories, bwog. :-)

    1. lemme guess says:

      @lemme guess it was youcef

  • #1 again says:

    @#1 again not that i think the above is a bad decision, if true…

  • 132 says:

    @132 there’re more than fat or skinny cross-dressing/genderqueering folk at these dances. show the full range, bwog.

    1. whatever says:

      @whatever the photos were taken off the CQA website. chill out.

    2. pics says:

      @pics these are from queer/drag prom first friday. that’s why we’re all in drag or dressed up. calm down.

  • off topic says:

    @off topic is this true?

    I find it ironic that the theme for the night will be public service. In order to make their venue available for the candidates, Columbia canceled their previous arrangements with Doctor’s Without Borders, which had previously booked the venue for an international conference on childhood malnutrition.

    1. Yes says:

      @Yes Yes, it is true. My friend works for them.

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