Satow Room Bureau Chief Martha Turewicz attended last night’s CCSC gathering, during which a move was made toward granting all student council reps voting rights.

President George Krebs started last night’s CCSC meeting off with a bit of tough love, declaring, “Like it or not we’ll start at eight o’clock and everyone who’s late will suffer the embarrassment of being late.”

Fortunately nobody suffered this terrible embarrassment, with the added benefit of not having to suffer sitting thorough an overly long meeting, as last night’s affair ended at 9:16 PM sharp.

Beyond his iron-fisted control of the schedule, Krebs also exhibited his more laid back side — a side we’re quite familiar with — in announcing that in the coming weeks, he will host a party which is “fully on the record.”

As for other events, a senior class rep quasi-announced what “may or may not be an event at Havana Central, that may or may not be called Senior Night, and that may or may not be sponsored by Universal Studios.”

The technology department was also beset by uncertainty, as evidenced by the tech director’s report that:“We sort of have a functioning website now, we’re waiting on content.” He also referred to a non-functioning image (“stress nonfunctioning”) but optimistically spoke of shooting for something “more ambitious.”

The director of technology came once more to the floor with his proposal for a constitutional amendment that would make his position an elected one. Opinions were split on the matter, and gave rise to some rather frank feedback. Quoth Monica Quintance: “I’m going to be a wet blanket on this parade… I don’t think this is a unique enough position to be elected.”

When time came to vote on the proposal, one representative who voted against it assured the director of technology “I’m not opposed to you.” But the tech director kept his chin high: “I don’t care.”

The meeting was not without its important moments; the delegates voted in approval of a proposal to take steps towards granting all student council representatives voting rights, and thus necessitating their attendance at all CCSC meetings. In the words of Krebs: “If this was a moment-in-time thing, if we could stop time — this is a big, monumental step for CCSC. This is a large movement on our part.” Clapping ensued.

On a lighter note, 2011 class rep. Sean Udell suggested a sponsored Frosted Flakes eating contest in honor of the upcoming face-off against Princeton (“it’s eating tigers”), of which Bwog is fully in favor.