Satow Room Bureau Chief Martha Turewicz reports on last night’s CCSC meeting, which included grim new details about the War on Food.

In the words of jovial President George Krebs, “Welcome to another delightfully wonderful evening.” Krebs continued to dispense with the pleasantries throughout, lending a lightheartedness to proceedings that were markedly more officious than those of last year.  Virtually gone are the days of idle chitter-chatter: the opening updates have been cut to a “strict two minutes” (Krebs again), with any and all questions relegated to a later time slot. 

Class reps rattled off updates in a similarly clipped manner. Another new feature of the meeting: a tear-and-submit evaluation of its efficiency at the bottom of the schedule- was meant to take, in the words, once more, of Krebs, “no more than 90 seconds” of everyone’s time. 

That being said, the meeting ran about 10 minutes overtime, despite what one of the reps told me prior to its beginning, when he speculated that it would finish 20 minutes early. 

Also different from last year was the relatively high number of students in attendance. The bulk of these turned out to be aspiring Class of 2012 reps, who claimed a row and a half of seats. As Krebs greeted them, he noted that their campaigning begins tomorrow, at which someone seated near him quietly advised the 12s to “get some sleep now.”

This same discreet commentator was perhaps the source of the gasping following the Shocking Revelation — delivered by Learned Foote speaking on behalf of Library Services — that studiers’ items will be automatically removed from certain Butler rooms during closing hours. He or she may also have been among the chorus of “oh noes!” that greeted the news that all drinks, including water, have been banned from the picturesque 301 study room of that same library. 

Then, the CampusPlaybook boys were ushered in and presented their project, a website that conveniently lists all campus events, categorized by event type and clubs/student groups. After the presentation, they were loudly applauded and commended for their effort. And naturally, after they had left the room, discussion turned to their possible personal motives in starting such a site.  

Towards the 9:20 minute mark, Krebs announced to the freshmen “If this meeting has so thrilled you with the juicy morsels we have, you can stay.” Obediently, only one or two left. 

The rest quietly slunk out in a pack 5 minutes later.