Some of your classmates have already started sitting on the steps, willing to sit there bored, for hours and hours, just to watch Obamacain on the Jumbotron, which your student leaders fought for so valiantly.

Michael Snyder and Tobin Mitnick, both CC ’10, said that they weren’t sure they were going to hang around until the speech. “I don’t have class,” Snyder shrugged noncommittally, and later admitted that he would “probably hang around.” Mitnick doesn’t expect Obama or McCain to say anything of substance, but said that if there were a debate, he’d like Lee Bollinger’s hair to moderate.

Laura, CC ’09, also wasn’t sure if she was going to hang around. She had been there for 10 minutes, and sat with a salad looking vaguely bored.

Anyway, it’s kind of chilly out too, so if you are planning on heading to the Steps, bring autumnal outerwear.