Welcome to the first in a series of analyses designed to determine the best in a category of chosen food product!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be taking a critical eye toward such controversial delicacies as ice cream, espresso, bagels and margaritas. But today, we’re going to talk a little bit about miso soup, and the three main Morningside miso-distributors: Tomo, Swish, and m2m.


  • Tomo’s miso has more sodium-per-ounce than the Atlantic Ocean. Maybe more. That said, the soup is reliably hot, and tofu is appropriately silken. The seaweed count is a bit low, especially for a (comparatively) high-end establishment. Plus, the seaweed that is in the soup tends to be scrawny and tasteless, and there’s nary a scallion to be found.


  • Swish’s miso is unchallenging, but comforting (the most “miso soup for the soul” of the three) and usually not served hot enough for Bwog’s taste. That said, its taste is enjoyable in the way that Tomo’s salty fare never could be. Swish is also free of the seaweed problems that plague Tomo: the former’s seaweed is plentiful, fresh-tasting, and of an appetizing consistency. Tomo and Swish have nearly identical tofu, in terms of silkenness and quantity.


  • m2m’s miso features big chunks of tough, firm tofu that simmer in scalding hot broth. There are long strands of thick and tasty seaweed, and the servers will happily provide you with extra if asked. The broth is salty, but not overwhelmingly so. m2m also regularly adds generous heapings of scallions to the the seaweed mixture, which give the soup and tofu more flavor. 

    In Conclusion: Winner: m2m. Silver medal to Swish, with an honorable mention to Tomo, for valiant effort.