Yesterday evening we reported on the exciting news that Swipe Access to Barnard dorms is imminent. This, while sort of true, is not the full picture, according to SGA President Sarah Besnoff. Though CCSC announced that last spring BC students had “voted overwhelming to allow Swipe Access,” according to Besnoff, nothing formal has been decided, so the imminence of Swipe Access is entirely debatable.

“Last year, SGA released a survey to the BC student body about Access and Security as relates to residential halls.  The survey demonstrated that there was overwhelming BC student dissastifaction with the current sign-in procedures and how this procedure procludes community integration.  As such, there is going to be an effort this year by SGA (in conjunction with CCSC and ESC) to move forward on examining what “universal access” would look like.  Nothing has been decided, and this year’s SGA has not formerly endorsed any resolution calling for CC students to have access to dorms,” Besnoff told Bwog in an email.

The first step to Swipe Access would involve sending out a referendum to the Columbia Community, as Class Councils operate democratically, occasionally.