The Town Hall Tussle

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The highly anticipated second Presidential debate of the 2008 election commenced mere moments ago.  Tonight’s affair should prove to be quite the slug-fest, as both camps have turned up the heat with nasty smears and negative ads as of late, with just under thirty days until election day.  Also, tonight’s debate from Belmont University in Nashville, TN will prove to be extra-interesting as it features the first and last time that Obama and McCain will square off in a Town Hall-style format.

In typical fashion, the Columbia Democrats, College Republicans and the CPU (and LionPAC!) have teamed up to turn the Lerner Piano Lounge into the campus debate-watching hub.  So, stop by and grab a lime-green seat, a corner of the suede swirly thing.  If you can’t make it out to the Piano Lounge this evening, Bwog’s got you covered with news from around the blogosphere.

Be sure to follow the New York Times politics blog, “The Caucus” for up to the minute updates.  Bwog also recommends checking out Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin’s Politico commentary for round two of the debates, what they have termed “a veritable Belmont Stakes.”  If watching live video feeds from your Rosnecrans Reading Room cubicle while you “study” for that midterm tomorrow is up your alley Bwog recommends CNN‘s streaming coverage.

Enjoy the post-game punditry!

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  1. BBC!  

    far better than CNN. Don't have to install the stupid browser plugin. And it has a liveblog aggregator

  2. i was annoyed  

    about the plug-in, too.

  3. Silly Rabbit  

    "Mom, why is it bad to smoke?"

    "Well Billy, one day you might run for presidency and your yellow teeth might contrast with your powder corpse skin and hair."

  4. shalom

    Dear fellow sons and daughters of Abraham,

    It is on this day, at this hour, on this holiest of blogs, that I decree that tonight begins the dawn of a new organization on this campus and in Jewish community at large:

    Our goal will be to advocate for the exact opposite of whatever LionPAC does (they vote up, we vote down; they say 10 matzah balls a-matzah-ball-soup make, we say .1 (inverses my friends, there's no such thing as a negative matzah balls cuz they all kick ass, obviously); they grow old and move to florida, we grow young and move to california.

    Finally, we will call ourselves CrocodilePAC. Why, you ask? I mean, isn't Tiger a logical opposite of Lion?
    No, (you buffoon), for 3 reasons:
    1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drdKdgLXCQU &
    2) Tigers = Princeton
    3) Tigers are clearly secret muslims

    Crocodiles on the other hand:
    1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MliyDPW7JHo
    2) Also, they're tough, grumpy, and commonly misconstrued throughout the course of history

    In conclusion, down with LionPAC -- up with CrocodilePAC.

    Post Script: Since our adversaries at LionPAC have stated that they contributed funds to tonight's event, our organization will utilize all resources possible to steal money from this evening's event. Interested parties are kindly asked to follow the secret code of crocodile symbols that weaves its way through campus to attend tomorrow's meeting, where we'll discuss whether our organization is pro- or anti-chocolate matzah.

  5. three cheers  

    for CrocPAC - I will keep my eyes open for the markings to the meeting.

  6. thanks, antisemite  

    i had forgotten how funny matzoh ball jokes were

  7. Sigh  

    I wish that Community still served take-out matzoh ball soup. So yummy.

  8. anon

    I seriously hate people who accuse everyone of anti-semitism over the slightest joke or off-color remark, but that post was actually very very anti-Semitic. You make me sad anonymous ignorant columbian

    • ignorant columbian  

      alright, i was bored and wanted to make a tongue-in-cheek commentary about LionPAC, that i thought contained enough ridiculous elements for it to not be taken too seriously.

      if I missed the mark on that then I am truly sorry. Anti-semitism (the real kind) is abhorrent, and I have friends in LionPAC whom I truly care for and respect (in spite of some profound political disagreements). I would never intentionally make any truly anti-semitic comments and I am sorry if I did so unintentionally in this instance.

      #14: I reread it and I still really don't see anything that one would or could find all that offensive -- the whole thing is steeped in ridiculousness, and even if sarcasm isn't conveyed well over the internet, I feel like the links to digitized lion-tiger and lion-crocodile fights should kind of give away the fact that it's all in jest.

      Is there a part that you found particularly offensive?

  9. sad face  

    no liveblog? que triste.

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