The highly anticipated second Presidential debate of the 2008 election commenced mere moments ago.  Tonight’s affair should prove to be quite the slug-fest, as both camps have turned up the heat with nasty smears and negative ads as of late, with just under thirty days until election day.  Also, tonight’s debate from Belmont University in Nashville, TN will prove to be extra-interesting as it features the first and last time that Obama and McCain will square off in a Town Hall-style format.

In typical fashion, the Columbia Democrats, College Republicans and the CPU (and LionPAC!) have teamed up to turn the Lerner Piano Lounge into the campus debate-watching hub.  So, stop by and grab a lime-green seat, a corner of the suede swirly thing.  If you can’t make it out to the Piano Lounge this evening, Bwog’s got you covered with news from around the blogosphere.

Be sure to follow the New York Times politics blog, “The Caucus” for up to the minute updates.  Bwog also recommends checking out Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin’s Politico commentary for round two of the debates, what they have termed “a veritable Belmont Stakes.”  If watching live video feeds from your Rosnecrans Reading Room cubicle while you “study” for that midterm tomorrow is up your alley Bwog recommends CNN‘s streaming coverage.

Enjoy the post-game punditry!