Madonna Constantine, the Saga Continues

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It’s time for another chapter in the sorry tale of Madonna Constantine, the TC psychology professor who found a noose on her door and later found herself the subject of a plagiarism investigation.

Anyway, she’s back, and she’s suing Columbia for wrongful termination. She had planned to appeal her termination, but that having apparently not turned out in her favor, she’s now looking to the State Supreme Court to reverse her firing. She’s arguing that her being let-go was “arbitrary, irrational and unauthorized.”

Columbia’s not commenting. 

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  1. two words  

    affirmative action... this is why we shouldn't allow it

  2. wait  

    after all of this drama, why would she actually want to come back and teach here?

  3. nostalgia

    Does "arbitrary, irrational and unauthorized" remind anyone else of Jackie Chiles from Seinfeld?

  4. ......  

    if she was white, she'd still be a crazy bitch.

  5. totally

    racism doesn't come into play here at all. she'd be crazy and pathetic as a member of any other race!
    affirmative action doesn't solve anything. it tries, though. maybe in 20 years we'll see something good come of it and then it can be put behind us.

  6. wasn't

    there some crazy white economics (or math) professor who tried suing Columbia bc of some stupid shit. ugh... white people!

  7. factfinder

    Yes, Graciela Chichilnisky, but what was because she was a woman.


  8. Alum

    Constantine probably sued only TC, not Columbia. She is/was a TC prof, and TC is a legally separate entity. She was fired by TC after a TC investigation found she had plagiarized. CU had little if any role in her dismissal.

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