Hermione: So Close, And Yet…

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More news about that Hermione Granger maybe-visit, not that you’ve been anxious about it or anything.

Earlier, we had predicted that the next stop on Ms. Granger’s southbound Tour D’Ivy would be the City of New York. One smitten commenter directed our attention to a recent Gawker Stalker sighting of our heroine, which confirmed our suspicions. Yesterday she was spotted coming out of the Adidas store on Broadway and Houston, which means she’s practically on campus already. Basically!

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  1. oh come on  

    putting up that picture of her is just mean

  2. also  

    she was at the Diesel xXx party in Brooklyn.

  3. ...

    dude, all of this "gawking" over this girl is pretty lame... a single post was one thing but another post?

    you'de think kids at ivies would be a little less prone to being star-struck like suburban tweens in middle-america...

  4. well  

    Broadway & Houston put her closer to that other NYC college actually.


  5. What?  

    They saw "Hermaine"?

  6. Mu ha ha ha ha

    Broadway and Houston = NYU Campus.

  7. grammar police  

    "confirmed our suspicious"?

    you're letting me down, bwog.

  8. oh.hello.there  

    Sorry that some people get excited when a celebrity is around. Dear god, the fact that smart kids have emotions too! Hollywood figures still excite some peopl who aren't middle-America tweens. Harry Potter has defined many a people's childhoods from our generation, and she is directly attached to that.

    Also, her looking at NYU doesn't really mesh with her Ivy Leauge supertour over the past week...
    She will be here some day soon, I have no doubt. Always one eye open and looking. Without being a creeper, of course.

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