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Spec is still hibernating, so today we’re giving you the best of the rest of the New York print media.

extraThe Booker Prize goes to a student with a Columbia connection!  Move over Orhan, we’ve got a new novelist in town.

The WSJ opines that the nationalization of the banks might actually work, at the same time it reports that profs at the B-school and the Econ department also favor avoiding a depression.

The Daily News thinks that for McCain, Nam is nothing compared to Long Island

NY Mag reports that Trader Joe’s is putting on a fur coat and moving to the UWS.  Cheap beer and pasta to abound.

NY Post tells us that maybe Michael Martin Chalfie doesn’t deserve this Nobel.  Bwog suspects this might be a case of sore-loser-syndrome.

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  1. random question

    Does anybody know the name of the professor who lives (or at least, lived there last year) in EC?

  2. and...

    The guy in the last item is Martin, not Michael.

  3. Spec  

    Spec is back today and Friday....

  4. alum

    FYI - Aravind is CC '97 according to the alumni site.

  5. ...  

    i heard about this on npr...

    science is fucked up. it's one thing to not get to share in a nobel prize given for research that your own research was instrumental in bringing about. it's another entirely to also lose all funding and end up driving a bus.

    calling him a sore loser is pretty reprehensible if you ask me.

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