Potent Potables for Zero Dollaz

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wineRight now now now outside the 116th Gates is a cute little truck giving away Pom’s new iced coffee product, which seems like their answer to the Frappuccino, and asking for feedback. It’s a frenzy!

And in approximately three hours–from 5 to 6pm–try some Hungarian wines at the almost-brand-new Vino Fino, just a few blocks north on Amsterdam. We presume they’ll be carding, but maybe not, and regardless it’s a classy way to start the evening for those of age.

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  1. Did anyone  

    ever choose Potent Potables?

  2. fuck this  

    go have tasty pigeon leftovers courtesy of H-dad in front of Hamilton...going on now

  3. Choose the wine!  

    Avoid the Pom thing... it tastes like coffee flavored chalk.

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