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dfIn the coming hours you will receive an email asking for your participation in an annual survey that Dining Services is conducting on all on-campus dining institutions.  Do you like them?  Are they too expensive?  Those are the kinds of answers they are looking for! 

To further motivate you, they’re offering to donate a total of $.50 per survey handed in to Broadway Presbyterian Church’s soup kitchen.  So for every three surveys turned in, they will donate one cup of Blue Java coffee. If that sounds nice, you should join the Dining Services Facebook Group so that you can always be the first to know about frozen yogurt changes in John Jay. 

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  1. Dining Services  

    If you take out a 30 meal upper-class meal-plan, you will be charged more for a brunch with the plan than you would if you just went in and bought a meal w/ DD or cash.
    Oh, and they leave you to discover this for yourself.

    Freshmen, once upon a time, John Jay had trays. Yes, trays in which you could hold multiple plates, cups, bowls, etc and eat your $14 worth.

    Today, there are no trays. If you want more than you can hold, prepare to make 2-3 trips to the food area. And their response is "if there is a strong demand to bring back trays, we will". Which is total bullshit because the freshmen have never experienced life with trays. They do this to save money which they will not, contrary to their claim, pass on to students.

    In other news, the amount dining charges for vending machine snacks is out of control. It really is absurd that the vending machines in SIPA, Math, Uris charge far less than those that Dining has.

    And finally, do you know why so many outside vendors have a $10 minimum on Flex? It's because Columbia (Dining Services?) charges the vendor more than credit card companies do.

    There, I'm done.

  2. and...

    they're only donating $0.25 per survey, and its $0.25 worth of food, not $0.25 to buy food. So for each survey filled out, the soup kitchen gets a gumball.

  3. ....and

    Unfortunately, all of their locations are overpriced, which is strange given the fact that they don't have the kind of overhead costs that the private businesses across the street do.

  4. matching  

    yeah, how dumb was that wording? we will donate a quarter and then match our own donation!!!! so we're really donating 50 cents but it sounds TWICE as good this way.

  5. Food Guy

    The newly remodeled dining facility and food program at Columbia University – Teachers College is excellent. The new contractor is CulinArt and pricing is below street

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