Free Food Round Up: Multicultural Edition

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mango lassiNow that midterms are over (for some of us!), penny-savers should be quick to hit up two wonderfully delicious free food events today, which include a joint birthday party for the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Intercultural Resource Center and a Teahouse with the Asian American Alliance featuring musical guest Alice Hu (and samosas, mango lassi, and tea).

OMA/IRC Anniversary Celebration

5:30pm – 8:30pm (brief program at 6:15pm)

Intercultural Resource Center

552 West 114th Street

AAA Teahouse


Lerner 555


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  1. midterms  

    are never over

  2. uhh  

    how did you decide that midterms are over Bwog?

  3. ya...  

    nowhere near over

  4. they  

    must have no science/math classes...

  5. blah  

    my midterms start tomorrow..sad

  6. yay OMA!

    this was an awesome event! the speeches made me proud to be part of columbia. :)

    ...and the food was deeelish!

  7. AAA  

    on the other hand, sucked.

    The samosas ran out in 10 minutes


  8. i mean

    isnt that the case with all free food events on campus? rule of thumb: arrive five minutes early if you want a chance of getting food

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