QuickSpec: Get Out of Your Dorm Edition

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fChabad is the new place in Harlem for singles to meet and “schmooze“.  Seriously, it beats 1020.

Coming soon in theaters, Checkmate at 112th Street. You never knew a bishop could be so dangerous.

Why don’t you just go to Africa and save some lives like our “celebrated economist” tells us to?  Phelps and Stiglitz are in the next room, kind of ticked off.

You can’t get into Barnard because of failed mercantilism?  Bwog is just itching to protest the Columbia-Barnard Free Trade Agreement.

All the world’s a stage!  Know thyself!  At least before you go trick-or-treating

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  1. yawn  

    Oh hooray, another ponderous and pedantic attempt at profundity from Dan Blank.

  2. awwww  

    but look at the kitten!

  3. cat

    goin to dreemlande, brb

  4. catcat

    im in ur bed
    stealin ur niytcapz

  5. editorialboard  

    anyone else notice the comments on the editorial board's article? slammin.

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