The Columbia Spectator and the Case of the Misattributed Phallus

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An amused tipster — who has thoughtfully already coined the phrase “Giant Inflatable Penis-Gate” — has just pointed Bwog in the director of Spec‘s recent correction to this morning’s staff editorial on Queer Awareness Month. The correction reads:

“Because of an editorial mistake, the original version misstated that Columbia Queer Alliance was responsible for Queer Awareness Month. While CQA and QuAM collaborate on some programs, QuAM is its own unique group. The editorial also misstated that a giant inflatable penis was part of QuAM’s opening tabling. It was in fact part of a different campus event.”

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  1. huh

    not gonna get a lot of results with the moderate safe search on...

  2. A bandie  

    That was CUMB. We held a giant penis ring-toss at the homecoming carnival.

  3. GOP  

    When I read the headline, I thought immediately that it was Chris Kulawik.

  4. Note  

    Giant inflatable penis now brings up bwog on google. Yay!

  5. proud owner

    Best money I've ever spent

  6. Julia Kristeva  

    But then again, can the phallus ever be correctly attributed?

  7. i like how  

    moderate safe search is on

  8. well, actually  

    you can still find a good number of inflatable penis picture with moderate safe search.

  9. well, actually  

    you can still find a good number of inflatable penis pictures with moderate safe search.

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