It looks like both of Columbia’s most media-hungry legal opponents are stepping up their plans. On one side, we have Graciela Chichilnisky, who, after settling for $200,000 over her own gender bias claims, is apparently pressing other female faculty to sue on grounds of gender bias, all to form a “trust” of aggrieved faculty members. One of her lawyers, Jan Schlictmann, is apparently famous for this approach.

On the flip side, we have Roy Den Hollander, anti-feminist crusader, who has been contacting individual students in the hopes of finding plaintiffs for his class action lawsuit against Columbia University for its Women’s Studies program. Strangely, Hollander seems to be contacting both male and female students for prospective plaintiffs. Bwog wonders what the university thinks of Hollander directly contacting its students.

UPDATE (4:45 PM): The AP reports that Columbia has filed its own briefs requesting that the judge throw out the case.

A sample e-mail from Hollander after the jump. 

Dear [redacted],

I’m a graduate of the Columbia Business School and a lawyer who is currently suing Columbia University because its Women’s Studies program discriminates against male students and male alumni and violates the First Amendment establishment clause concerning religion.

The case is a class action lawsuit, and I am currently looking for Columbia students or organizations to join as plaintiffs.  All expenses are being picked up by the MR Legal Fund.

I can be contacted at [redacted] or [redacted].