From the “Not Again” Department: Bored@Butler has internal competition.

For those of you holed up in Purgatory Butler last week for midterms, Bwog’d bet that you saved a tab in your browser for Bored@Butler (  The site is an anonymous message board for Columbia students stuck in the library to post their thoughts.

According to WikiCU, founder Jonathan Pappas (CC ’06) wanted to see what Columbia students would say if the social filter were removed.  An easier approach would be to read Youtube comments, however; even without complete anonymity, there’s hardly a filter.

Though the site quickly hosted thousands of posts in the days after its launch in February 2006, it has since degraded into the repetitive drivel of sex-starved students.  As of the publication of this article, the current topics included general hate, the possibility of random hookups, and  Stephan‘s hair.  More telling are this week’s “best”: “Oh, I need a blowjob.  Really” and a girl reportedly giving herself a breast exam in Milstein.  Honestly, Bwog is amazed by the introspection shown by Ivy Leaguers.

Hoping to spread the love to other schools, Pappas (“JP”) launched the BoredAt[Columbia/Brown/Yale/Etc] network for a short time, before reverting to the original BoredAtButler site.

Trying once more to capture a wider audience, the new site on the block is  As far as Bwog can tell, it’s pretty much BoredAtButler, but adapted to our new favorite theme: social networking.

The site’s left column is dedicated to the anonymous chat features of BoredAtButler, but now includes the option of using a nickname, similar to IRC.  In our humble opinion, this contradicts the oh-so-clever play on words that is “Faceliss.”  The right column is home to dedicated threads, seperated into topics like “rants,” “overheard,” and “greek” (empty).  There’s a “Vote Up” button for each thread.

Bwog wasn’t sure if this would turn into another BoredAtButler, so it checked the “Featured Polls” and “Featured Search Topics” at the bottom of the page:

  • ex relationships
  • depression
  • girls
  • facebook
  • Do you pee in the shower?

Fear not: students at all schools have similar obsessions.  Faceliss is available for many schools, including our friends at Yale, MIT, and those people in the Village.