real partyAbout half the College freshman class turned out to vote on Tuesday for this year’s 2012 leadership, and after a short hiccup created by switching over to a new electronic voting system (Miami-Dade here we come?) results are out! The REAL Party – headed up by President Erik Kogut and VP Hannah Wilentz – won with 34 percent of the vote, beating out their closest rivals, Mason Fitch and Cindy Pan of Vision 2012, by a comfortable 14 points.

It’s a surprise win over the early-peaking New York Connection, which came out narrowly ahead about three weeks ago in the Facebook Primary (and REAL didn’t even have a website – see their platform here). Rounding out the Kogut-Wilentz administration are Reps Diego Arango of the REAL Party, Akito Terasaki of Candor, and Sarah Chai of Vision 2012.

This year for the first time, first-years were able to indicate their choices of President and Vice President separately. Although the votes were then totaled for the final results – meaning that candidates of different parties could never end up in the same administration, a la Obama-Palin – it does shed additional light on the popularity contest. In this case, Kogut actually won 38 percent of presidential votes, while Wilentz only garnered 31 percent.

“We’re trying to pick up as much of the student body wants,” explained Elections Board chairman James Bogner. 


Full results posted after the jump.


187 | Erik Kogut       

121 | Mason Fitch        

105 | Rolando Rodriguez  

  61 | Gavin Newton-Tanzer

  22 | Sahil Gupta        

Vice President

154 | Hannah Wilentz

115 | Cindy Pan     

  98 | Alice Zhang   

  94 | Jasmine Senior

  31 | Saahil Patel 


169 | Diego Arango      

137 | Akito Terasaki    

134 | Sarah Chai        

128 | Kenny Durell      

121 | Keith Miao        

103 | Susan Thomas     

  97 | Brandon Chrisotphe

  95 | Alana Tung        

  78 | Noruwa Agho       

  55 | Holly Dykstra     

  32 | Suhaydee Tejeda   

  28 | Syed Hossain      

  24 | Sanjiv Mehta      

  21 | Richard Huang