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For some Sunday morning is a sacred time. For Columbia scholars, however, leisurely  brunches and other holier Sunday morning traditions are often sullied by Saturday night’s hangover and Monday’s looming deadlines.  But, remember it’s only Saturday and today must borrow nothing of tomorrow!

So this drizzly November morning, Bwog offers a spread of cartoons to give your day a sunnier start.  Everyone fondly remembers the matinal hours spent with the Animaniacs and Pepper Ann, and so does Bwog, but today we spotlight grown-up cartoons.  Today’s cartoons are inspired by the election and require a more liberal sense of humor – enjoy!


 “I know it’s just a political buzzword, but the idea of change really resonates with me.”

By Christopher Weyant from The New Yorker

“You stay here and answer the phone.” 

By Frank Cotham from The New Yorker


“Hey Ray, you must be pretty high about our new C In C!”

“Why does everyone assume that I must have voted for Barack Obama?

I mean how do you know I didn’t vote for McCain?”

“You vote for a sailor? A damn navy hotdog? No way in hell!” 

“Okay, okay, you got me.” 


Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau


“Now we have this all to ourselves!” 

By Tom Toles from The Washington Post


 “Ready to rejoin the world?”

By Pat Oliphant from The Washington Post


By Singe Wilkinson from The Washington Post

By Kevin Kallaughter from The Economist

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  1. yesperson  

    while "Kevin Kallaughter" would be an *awesome* name for a cartoonist, his actual name is Kallaugher...

  2. its  

    too bad the words in these cartoons are tiny and impossible to read. thanks for the frustration, bwog

  3. i agree  

    with #2. nothing like being pissed off on a saturday morning.

  4. yeah  

    doonesbury is impossible. make 'em bigger!

  5. yay  

    Love to Tom Toles! I used to read his cartoons every day after school.

    • EAL  

      Toles has nothing on the great man he replaced at The Post. Now with Herblock, there was a political cartoonist. Too bad he didn't live long enough to chronicle the Bush presidency.

  6. trouble

    why not solicit cartoons from students, bwog? while you appropriate your structure from the New Yorker, you can't actually appropriate MATERIAL from them without getting a license.

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