Spice Up Your Night

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There are spicy treats aplenty currently being served in room 555 in Lerner. Known treats include wasabi guacamole & chips, Japanese curry (kare), mapo tofu, jjol myun, Sambal ikan bilis, coconut milk with tapioca, Thai green curry, and goi ga.

Oh and it’s fancy! Members of participating groups (CSC, SEAL, AAA, KSA, CJS, SSA, SIU, HKSSS, OLAS, TASA, TSA, and VSA) are dressed to the nines in suits, dresses and heels.

Happening now from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM; $3.

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  1. uper  

    maybe they'll be allowed into the sigman poopy's uber fancy party! harumph!

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