This Week in Procrastination: Relaxation Edition

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The greater forces are determined to force us to relax.


Music on the Ramps: [email protected] is back at it, promising relaxing music on the Ramps.  And free food, curly fries included! 11:30 AM @ Lerner Ramps.


Stressbusters: Free mini-backrubs, since midterms are acting up again as a prelude to finals season.  4:00 PM @ Wien main lounge.


Casino Night: Heavily advertised, but that doesn’t mean we all forget sometimes.  Bond is the theme, James Bond, and semi-formal attire is “preferred.”  Prizes include JetBlue tickets and iPods.  8:00 PM @ Roone.


Sabor Reality: Latino culture in the form of dancing, videos, and singing.  7:00 PM @ Roone.


Diwali: Help bring in the New Year Indian-style, with dinner and a performance by TAAL.  8:00 PM @ Roone.

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  1. Also on Thursday

    23rd Annual Joyce Kilmer Bad Poetry Contest!

    Dare to be bad, or just watch others do the same.

    Thursday, November 13th, 8:30PM in Lehman Auditorium, Altschul. Free Admission, though it may cost your dignity.

  2. Casino Night  

    requires massive use of student life fees and is attended mostly by council members, friends of council members, and people who are into card games and other forms of gambling. It doesn't really serve the mission of community-building, nor is it the most 'fun' event conceivable. The Councils should scrap it and come up with a better idea.

  3. Nobler  

    That sloth is NOT relaxing. It is hanging on for dear life.

  4. Friday

    { S A L O N }

    Join Postcrypt Art Gallery in collaboration with Artist Society for an opening in the style of a 19th C. Parisian salon. Ascots not included.

    Friday, November 14
    8-10 PM
    in the Postcrypt Art Gallery (basement of St. Paul's)

    As usual...
    (2 IDs to drink)

    We will also hold a silent auction - decorate your dorm/apartment with art!

    Facebook event:

    • Bwog  

      Do send events you'd like advertised to [email protected] so we can process them properly. Unfortunately, we can't post events added as comments. Thanks!

  5. Bwog!  

    What was that noise! I'm afraid!

  6. yeah!  

    what just happened on west 114th and broadway? i heard a loud boom (sounded like a gunshot) and a guy chasing after a truck?

  7. schapiro  

    yes what the fuck was that shit

  8. 113th  

    Heard it as well.

  9. butler all day  

    AMEN i heard it from inside butler, by the door near carman

  10. WTF

    it's the apocalypse. or maybe sarah palin.

  11. what?  

    I didn't hear shit over in EC, probably because it's all masked by the sound of gunfire in harlem.

    if casion night is 2 IDs to drink, does that mean there will be free booze? If so then that portion needs to be more heavily advertised

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