PrezBo Rollin’ in the Benjamins

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As we reported last month, the economy may be in the tank, but PrezBo’s doing all right for himself: for the 2007-08 year, he’s earning $1.4 million in total compensation. Now, to remind us all just how high a sum that is, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Bollinger was the third-highest paid university president in the country (by total compensation). He trails only Henry Bienen of Northwestern (a cool $1.74 million) and, for reasons explained in this companion article, David Sargent of little-known Suffolk University (a whopping $2.8 million).

Oh and, that $1.4 million does not include the income PrezBo receives from sitting on various executive boards, including the Washington Post and the New York Fed. Hey, PrezBo, can you spare a dime?

Photoshop credit to “D. Sion G.”

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  1. snoop bo

    ey yo, did whathisname get at you?

  2. wow  

    best graphic ever. respect.

  3. how the fuck  

    has every single music hum been full since 10AM? Did every single Junior register for it?

  4. jean bo  

    my hubby's got them dollaz
    he be subvertin all them hollerz

  5. photoshopping aside  

    $1.4m? Really? I'm not sure how this works - I hope he is paid out of the capital campaign, because I'm pretty miffed that fees have risen from $42000ish in '05 to 46000ish this year, only to see Bo's salary go from 600k to 1.4m

    • sources  

      The 600k number is from a spec article by Zalcman a couple of years ago. It is probably base pay though, whereas PrezBo's base pay is now $911k. Either way, its a massive ramp up.

  6. Hey Bwog!

    You should work with CCSC and ESC and make a t-shirt out of this graphic.


  7. Alum

    For his first few years on the job PrezBo was underpaid compared to the heads of peer universities. His compensation package was probably structured this way to give him an incentive to stick around. Also, keep in mind that the total must include the rental value of the President's House, as well as the value of other forms of in-kind compensation.

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