Bwog on a Budget: All Things in Moderation Edition

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Here’s the trouble with the holidays: indulging in too many homemade, holiday treats – latkes, gelt, pecan pie, eggnog and the like – often results in no longer looking so svelte in the lovely argyle sweater Santa or the Hanukkah Armadillo brought for you.  And you know, eating healthy isn’t so bad.  What with Pink Berry, Tasti, the numerous sushi joints and the other healthy options Broadway offers, sticking to pretty healthy diet can be pretty easy for those who care to.  What’s not so easy, however, is maintaining a healthy-ish diet while maintaining a moderate-ish budget. 

On this chilly November night, the guys at Westside thought to keep the outdoor produce warm with flannel blankets! The picture above documents their attempts to keep their asparagus  and grapes relatively happy, if not frozen!

Everyone loves Soy Crisps, right? But when you’re stuck paying $3 for a bag that you could easily go through in one episode of Gossip Girl, those $.99 bags of Utz potato chips seem much more sensible.  For those short on cash, spending $3 for a cheesy and satisfying slice at Koronets often is a far more appealing dinner time option than spending $16 on a grilled salmon salad at Community. 

Such is the plight of the budget conscious eater. This Saturday, Bwog on a Budget headed to Westside, where we not only grooved to Carly Simon, but also found many nutritious and affordable products.  

So pleased with our purchases, Bwog thought to share the wealth – and the health! – with you.  Bwog is far from a certified dietician – really – but what’s on the list is relatively good for you and is certainly good for your wallet.  All purchases are under $3.

•    16 oz can of Casa Fiesta Fat Free Refried Beans: $1.89

•    Large bag of pre-washed Harvest Select Spinach: $2.40

•    Barilla Whole Wheat Spaghetti: $1.79

•    5 oz can of Bumble Bee Tuna: $2.19

•    ½ lb. red potatoes: $.50

•    ½ lb. yams: $.50

•    Damascus whole wheat pita: $1.99

•    26 oz bottle of Brad’s organic marinara sauce: $2.99

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  1. bwog  

    buys groceries like a single mom on welfare. who actually eats like this?

  2. Marin-not  

    Brad's is gross -- too sweet!

  3. Love  

    the attempt at the Friends reference, but it's definitely the Holiday Armadillo, not Hanukkah Armadillo. Better luck next time, Bwog.

  4. DHI  

    Word, good advice. I've been eating canned beans and pasta (but not whole wheat, that just tastes terrible) because they're so cheap it's hard not to buy them. Also Carolina Style and Crab Chip UTZ are delicious.

    At Appletree the whole Krasdale line of canned goods is 99 cents - field peas with greens is my favorite, with a shitload of Tabasco.

    Also, milk by the gallon is pretty cheap when you think about the nutritional value.

  5. Umm. . .  

    So Pinkberry and Tasti might be lower in fat than Haagen-Dazs, but that in no way implies that they're "healthy." Mostly, they're just chemicals - Pinkberry isn't even allowed to call what it shills "yogurt." There's a difference between diet and health.

  6. tuna???  

    I'm not sure what style of tuna you are purchasing, but I assure you it can be much cheaper. Right now the 'Chunk Light in Water' variety of Bumble Bee is 5 for $4.99. Meaning $1 per can (6 oz). It's not as tasty as the solid white tuna / albacore, but it sure is cheaper!

    My other necessities: cheese & crackers, peanut butter & jelly, and fruit (it's cheaper and better at the farmer's market!).

  7. K-nets  

    is now $3.25, not $3.00

    It's fucking absurd. It was 2 or 2.50 my freshman year

  8. ...  

    Westside Market keeps my asparagus and grapes relatively happy.

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