Free Food Alert!

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This morning CSIS – Columbia Students for International Service – brings their humanitarian mission to you in the form of free bagels and coffee.  If you’re into cross-cultural learning and exchange, being a responsible citizen of the world and bettering all of humanity (or if you could just use a free bagel with schmear,)  head to the fifth floor of Lerner for this free brunch-cum-info session.   Representatives from major international service organizations will lead the panel, so don’t miss out! Although the event runs all morning, bagels and freebies are wont to run out!


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  1. CSIS  

    Actually not a panel bwog...just an open fair that anyone can stop until 1! We still have food and free stuff so stop by!

  2. You know...  

    This school just isn't the same without a good hunger strike. Am I right?

  3. Mike Oxbig  


    This may be slightly irrelevant but does anyone know where someone can find a really REALLY good bagel and cream cheese around school?

    I don't think nussbaum has it.

  4. Hey Bwog  

    You should start a feature called "Remember when we cared about...", similar to the one on the Daily Show website.

    You should dig up posts from yore using your archives and re-post them. That way, you could post pieces that you have long in the past, but are still just as interesting to Columbians today. Eg: the tunnels, Secret societies, the Minutemen, etc.
    These are all issues people are curious about but don't really know, since you posted prior to everyone's time

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