Saturday Morning Cartoons

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There’s nothing like a Saturday morning trad to get your weekend off right.  Wrap up in your comforter and scroll down for a smattering of cartoons from this week – Enjoy!


“I’m nothing, and yet I’m all I can think about.”

By William Hamilton from The New Yorker


By Rina Piccolo from The New Yorker


By Gary Varvel from The Indianapolis Star

“Excuse me, care to hijack us?”

By Kevin Kallaugher from The Economist

“I am going to so miss Bush..”

By Mike Lane


“I thought after he got elected everything would be different, but I still don’t have a girlfriend.”

By David Sipress 

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  1. Alum

    If you have to retype the Bin Laden line (which is perfectly legible in the cartoon), at least get it right.

  2. hmm  

    i personally prefer bwog's version... didn't your mother ever teach you to not split infinitives?!

  3. hmm...

    Pretty sure bin Laden's mother didn't teach him about split infinitives in English. Unless of course she wanted to boldly go where no Syrian mother had gone before.

  4. I'm pretty sure  

    Osama bin Laden and his mother are Saudi.

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