Free Food: West Campus Edition

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Everyone wants to be as cool as people in EC, so those of us west of Broadway feel the urge to adopt our own moniker: we’re “West Campus.”

And to celebrate Thanksgiving (yes, the event is not PC), the west campus lounges will have free apple cider, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and apple pie.  The email sent out didn’t indicate whether the pumpkins were for eating or for taking.

You can find the smorgasbord at these locations:

Schapiro (1st Floor Lounge): 5:00p – 6:30p

600 W. 113th (Lobby): 5:00p – 6:30p

47 Claremont (Basement Lounge): 6:30p – 8:00p

Woodbridge (Basement Lounge): 7:00p – 8:30p

River (Basement Lounge): 7:30p – 9:00p

If you’re not cool enough to live this close to Jersey, Bwog is pretty sure you could sidle in with a group of friends and get some pie unnoticed.

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  1. Wait...  

    What's not PC about Thanksgiving?

  2. aaahhhhh  

    BWOG save me from this horrible cold sunday that i have spend stuck in butler all day!!!!

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