A Happy Thanksgiving, in List Form

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Bwog will be taking it easy today in deference to Thanksgiving and hope you will be too. And as per our tradition, we’ve compiled a list of everything and everyone for which/whom we’re thankful.


Andrew Sarris

Lil Wayne

Michelle Obama

Alan Brinkley

Giambattista Vico

Andrew Revkin

Robby the Vending Machine

James Franco (and the hope of running into him at Dodge)

Eric Foner yelling passionately in lectures

The Terrible Twelves

Nate Silver: Ultimate nerd dreamboat

Bob Dylan


Josh Mathew

Male poets


Jay Orenduff

John Kluge

Cute CAVA boys


Appletree’s new-ish salad bar

Farmers markets

Starbucks holiday cups



Columbia’s free food

Shake Shack

Westside Market

Diet Coke

Soy products

Trader Joe’s wine


Our suite kitchen, especially the oven

A good knife

Burritos in Ferris Booth


$1.50 Nantucket Nectars in the Schermerhorn vending machine

The peanut butter m&ms in the Mudd vending machines

Westside hot soup

Josh Mathew’s red velvet cakes

Hidden stacks of napkins free for the taking at Ferris Booth

Vinegar-based condiments – there are so many! Barbeque sauce, tabasco, ketchup, mustard, etc. If it was not for vinegar then we would not have all this delicious stuff

Cruz de Malta Yerba Mate

The massive gyros at George’s Pizza on 181st street

Basement Pizza Coffee House

Morningside and Its Environs

Riverside Park

Tourists who photograph the campus squirrels

The after-midnight cashier at HamDel

The wiener dog that trotted into Schermerhorn the other day and down 2 flights of stairs

The guy in the SDA office who stacked a ton of Axe Chocolate temptation deodarant sample cans in front of us his door, which have found their way into my back pack at times

New bike lanes

Hungarian’s dim lighting

The Egyptian guy who works the chicken & rice stand outside of Rite Aid on 110th and Broadway 24/7

Talkative cashiers at Duane Reade

The Barnard tunnel system


Usually vigilant RAs

Having a single


The courtyard at Union Theological Seminary

California for Thanksgiving

Venturing outside of Morningside Heights

The New Yorker

George Packer

Ryan Lizza

New Yorker’s Food Issue

New Yorker issues no longer devoted to the election

Culture Vulture

Pleasure reading

The New York Observer

Boy Meets World on YouTube

“Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie”

Puppy Cam

“Single Ladies” music video spoofs and reinterpretations

Daily Intel’s Gossip Girl Reality Index

39 more episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Hipster headphones used as earmuffs



Gmail themes

My Blackberry

Synecdoche, New York



Sony MDR v6’s

Megavideo, hulu, surfthechannel

Learning how to use the stove


HopstopAcademia and Beyond

One less semester (almost) here

Extended deadlines

Chance to start fresh with new classes next semester

Finding other places to study than Butler

Having studied abroad

Seminars devoted to love

Columbia swim team

The fact I’m not graduating this year

My financial aid officer

My high school yearbook

Professors who give a shit

Professors that are writing letters for me and making some calls

Non-profit organizations that don’t send you patronizing rejection letters (This does not include Teach for America)

Having no classes on the 6th and 7th floors of Hamilton


The pronunciation of IRWAG

Professors using pop culture references

Universally Adored

My friends

Turning 21

People who are nice to interns


Religious tolerance


My mom’s cooking

Friends in times of need

Middle school nostalgia




Brendan Ballou’s work in New Mexico

Lights at the ends of tunnels

The tunnels with lit ends

My mom

My suite mates who are always baking cookies


Fuzzy socks

Spontaneous lunch dates with friends you see too little

Postcards from strangers

Letters from friends studying abroad


Categorically Uncategorized

My fur-lined gloves

Control-top pantyhose

Grow-in-water lizard toys…as pets!

Bulky wool socks

Public records

Air travel

Bright winter days

Dogs that match their owners


Nocturnal, aquatic anurans

Yoga class


— Bwog Staff & Friends

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  1. did  

    josh mathew write this? shameless self-promotion on his part... TYPICAL.

  2. yo man...

    it's thanksgiving, there's an Arrested Development on, and the chances are good that we're all going to get pie today. Let's be cool in these comments. Josh Matthew = muscular and charming, and I know for a fact he wasn't the one that put his name on that list. I did, and I'm his mother

  3. i dont know

    anyone who is grateful for ferris burritos, but two thumbs up for the fresh fruit with chocolate!

  4. ehhh

    The foodstuffs are pretty pitiful. It sounds like the author eats most of her meals with a plastic spoon while sitting a few feet away from her computer. I feel bad for her.

  5. hey, #6

    eating with a plastic spoon a few feet away from a computer is nothing to feel bad about! totally legitimate way of existing.

  6. i love

    playing two hand touch
    eating way too much
    watching my team win


  7. Anonymous

    shake far the best thing to be thankful for!

  8. doggie!

    there should have been an entire post dedicated to the schermerhorn dauchsand. greatest thing of my life.

  9. wtf

    usually vigilant ra's? wtf?

    • hmm  

      I think that was in response to the Exorcism. If not, fuck them. I hate party-related vigilant RAs - scum of the earth.

      "1 less semester here" is a very convoluted way of not being thankful.

      I'm thankful for the puppy cam, and for a pretty crazy semester! Obama-McCain here on 9/11, the spontaneous mob that formed after the Obama win, part of which flowed into Harlem, Cofer Black, Salman Rushdie, Evo Morales, and a few world leaders all here in the span of a few weeks, the endowment NOT actually having fallen, contrary to the Spec's shitty reporting, the possibility the CC might actually get a Dean interested in interacting with students & not alums, etc etc

  10. not new mexico

    brendan was in nevada

    also, i'm thankful for exorcisms.

  11. WTF

    has obama done for anyone to thank him for? Being born black and groing up a privelidged and spoiled life smoking pot and crack while his classmates studied and getting admitted to spoiled brat college's because of the color of his skin and his exotic name.

  12. ttan

    Turkeys airlifted from Shanghai through Virginia to the godforsaken Chinese backwater I am in right now because SO HELP ME I will not miss Thanksgiving two years in a row.

  13. claremont

    "The Barnard tunnel system"


  14. aww

    this post makes me happy.

  15. CC '12  

    Thanks, BWOG. :)

    We're thankful for you too, or at least I am.

  16. I love wiener..dogs

    The wiener dog that trotted into Schermerhorn the other day and down 2 flights of stairs ???

    Does anyone have any pictures??

    • LEON

      the little Dachshund is named Leon... he belongs to a Psych TA named Steen, who always brings him to class. The dog is about the cutest thing ever, and I have a picture but it has me in it and I'm a little embarrassed...

  17. maybe

    brendan ballou did something in new mexico as well--and we have yet to feel its repercussions...

  18. omg

    steen is so freaking cute and excellent

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