Bwog understands that staying in the ‘hood over Thanksgiving break can be a little lonely. Campus is a ghost town, and as your friends skip town droves of tourists replace them, clogging up the streets at the Thanksgiving Day Parade and talking too loudly on the subway. We also know that Thanksgiving dinner is all about family and stuffing naps.

If you’re in the city though, we can kind of guarantee that there are many restaurants making better food than the relatives you don’t like very much anyway. So, if you find yourself uptown during this very brief vacation, Bwog recommends heading to Kitchenette, Cafe du Soleil, or Nice Matin and taking advantage of Thanksgiving specials.  Delicious details after the jump.

Kitchenette on Amsterdam is offering a $38 per person classic T-giving feast with oven roasted turkey, sweet mashed potatoes, buttermilk biscuits, pumpkin and apple pie and much more, with a Thanksgiving brunch with everyone’s favorite Kitchenette specials during the day.

Cafe du Soleil on 104th and Broadway has a $39.85 deal with butternut squash soup, an organic turkey dinner and espresso pecan pie. The slightly more ritzy

Nice Matin on 79th and Amsterdam is offering a three-course prix five for $39.50. Bwog thinks the squash&crab risotto, turkey with dried fruit and sausage stuffing and sweet potatoes with dark chocolate pot au creme for dessert sounds like a meal fit for pilgrims and Upper West Siders alike.