With the NROTC survey scheduled for the week of November 24th (the days before Thanksgiving), normally the events and editorials would already be flying back and forth. But with some sort of “election” last week, student groups are only just now coming around to the NROTC debate.

Leading opposition to the return of NROTC is a coalition of seven groups: Lucha, Chicano Caucus, CQA, EAAH, the Democrats, Proud Colors, and the Columbia Coalition Against the War (as well as the unrecognized SDS). The seven groups will be holding an event tonight in Lerner (which they have been advertising with a rather interesting poster, seen at right top), and plan to flyer campus through the survey.

Supporting NROTC’s return is a coalition of individual students, which, according to the group’s website, “includes Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Obama-voters, McCain-voters, veterans, students currently enrolled in Army ROTC at Fordham, students not affiliated with the military at all, gay students, and straight students.” The coalition includes several students who are also members of anti-NROTC groups. Like the anti-ROTC coalition, they will be postering, and in addition will be tabling until the survey finishes, but no events will be held.

Finally, the undergraduate councils plan to hold up to two forums about the issue, though dates are still to be announced.