tea houseYou may have noticed, yesterday evening sometime, that Gmail had gone insane. Everything was blue–had hamsters been let loose in the Google servers, Bwog wondered? To our relief, we found we could return to the older version, like Facebook let us do for a short time before forcing us into new Facebook forever. And then, to our delight, we learned that Google was in fact offering us more choices, not forcing us unto an page-view driven “improvement” (yeah, we hope you’re listening Mark Zuckerberg). 

candyBut what to choose? (
gmail2If you haven’t figured it out yet, go to “settings,” and pick “themes”). Obviously not any of the sleek professional ones. Tea House is a bit gimmicky, and Phantasea rather trippy for our taste. Ninja is a bold selection–yow!–and you might last a few days with Candy before perishing of saccharine pink.

Bwog is going with “New York,” for now, which shrouds the interface in a pleasant overcast. But perhaps something else tomorrow–if Gmail is our lives, why not try a new identity every day?