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High and Dry

To give students a taste of those delightful pre-plumbing days, the forces of Columbia have decided to withhold running hot water from residents of John Jay this morning.  Daily Editor Eliza Shapiro reports that it’s been gone for at least two hours. 

People are wandering around with bath towels looking forlornly for an oasis and support groups have been formed for those whose laundry happened to be in the washers when the incident started.

Bwog hopes the smell of the unwashed doesn’t get too bad, and will keep you updated as the freshmen get more frantic.

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  • Email! >. says:

    @Email! >. Dear John Jay Residents,

    Thank you for your patience this morning during the temporary lack of hot water. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this situation has caused. The lack of hot water in John Jay was caused by a failed steam trap, which has since been replaced. Please notify the Hospitality Desk at x4-2779 if you notice any additional problems with the heat or hot water within the building.

    Once again, thank you for patience during this time and we hope you enjoy the upcoming holiday!


    Housing Services

  • apparently says:

    @apparently a few people got hot showers, but now it’s cold again. :(

  • !!!!!!!!! says:

    @!!!!!!!!! it’s still cold!

  • Smelly says:

    @Smelly The water is still cold. It’s 2am.

  • No really... says:

    @No really... The water isn’t even cool. It was FREEZING. Much colder than the water that usually comes out of the cold setting on a faucet. I, thank-you-very-much, did suck it up to take a shower, and my hands, feet, and ears were all numb after being in for only 5 minutes.

  • spoiled freshmen... says:

    @spoiled freshmen... i woke up this morning and found that someone had puked in my floor’s washer…i think i’d rather deal with cold water.

    1. Asshole says:

      @Asshole I was out of detergent.

  • Sad Wallach Resident says:

    @Sad Wallach Resident wallach appears to have the same problem right now.

  • Really? says:

    @Really? complaining about a few hours without hot water? give me a break…

  • WAIT says:

    @WAIT Columbia students shower???

  • seriously... says:

    @seriously... sack up and take a cold shower, its good for you.

  • god forbid says:

    @god forbid a columbia student takes a cold shower.

  • It's says:

    @It's not just freshmen. Wallach didn’t have any this morning either.

  • pussies says:

    @pussies schlep on over to another dorm or be a man and wash your hair in the sink.

    1. yeah that's right says:

      @yeah that's right take care of your priorities and wash your hair. like real men.

  • Sucker says:

    @Sucker Luckily I have a hotpot. Take that facilities! You’re going to have to try harder than that to help me build character.

  • one day? says:

    @one day? in 2005 columbia ignored the fact that there was no hot water in Wien for a week, during reading week. After a week without water, an email from facilities informed us that a boiler was broken and couldnt be replaced for another week. At that point someone called the spec. Spec called facilities for comment to put in their front page story the next morning. Magically a new boiler was installed in under 24 hours. They never bothered informing residents that the work was complete. There was just a joyous scream from down the hall, and a rush for the showers.

    1. Alum says:

      @Alum I remember that. I didn’t shower for a whole week. It was great.

  • JJ9 says:

    @JJ9 it’s not that the water wasn’t running, it was just fucking freezing.

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