The life cycle of plaid has grown to be just about as diverse as a material can get in the sartorial sphere.  From its earliest appearance as the uniform of brawny lumberjacks to its mid-life incarnation as the inside of Burberry trench coats to its most recent development as the uniform of underfed hipster hims and hers alike, plaid survives with the fashion conscious and the fashion unconscious.  But Bwog has noticed that Columbia undergrads are embracing plaid in never seen before styles and forms.  From backpacks to mini-skirts – plaid is no longer just for  Anglophile-inclined b-schoolers and grungy Bill-burghers.  For how to best wear your plaid take a look at the casual styles of your fellow Columbians! 


Plaid hoodie her with matching scarf.

Plaid knapsack.

Plaid cap with matching over shirt.  There can never be too much plaid…

A plaid pair in a classy plaid overcoat and classic plaid over shirt.

Plaid party wear!