You know you shouldn’t be in school right now. You should be in transit, breezing through short lines at LaGuardia or strolling through Penn Station, picking up a donut one of the city’s last remaining Krispy Kremes. Or better yet, you should be home, watching TV and making your parents do your laundry.

But you are not. You are here.

We love to grumble about the insanely short break we get for Thanksgiving, the schlep of traveling (if you’re not skipping school, of course) on the day before Thanksgiving or even the morning of, and starting this short and pointless week has not been fun for any of us this morning. It may however please the Columbia community to know that we are not alone. No other Ivy League school releases its disciples before Wednesday afternoon at the earliest.

No other Ivy, that is, except for Yale, which has been on “fall break” since Friday evening. Oh, Yale. But rest assured that Harvard, UChicago (which, yes, we know is not an Ivy), Princeton and Brown and UPenn officially begin break (as we do) on Thursday morning or Wednesday after classes end. Enjoy your bastardized week!