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It’s never too early for CCSC gossip! (Or, you know, maybe it is.) Still, rumors have already started swirling about who’s going to be on the top of this year’s tickets. Here’s what we’ve heard — agree or disagree in the comments, or email us ([email protected]) if you have any more gossip. 

CCSC Presidential Gossip

Sue Yang: The current 2010 VP and Study Day Project orchestrator has already begun to position herself (via increasing her reputation as an effective leader, for example heading up the Ivy Council) as a presidential candidate to be reckoned with.

Robyn Burgess (current VP of Campus Life) is also rumored to be harboring presidential ambitions. One CCSC insider speculates that should Burgess and Yang go head to head, it would be the latter to receive more support within the current council.

Cliff Massey (he of last year’s Damooei ticket) might be contemplating a presidential run, though he also may jump on Yang’s ticket as VP of Communications.

Sara Partridge: 2011 President Learned Foote is in a good position to be offered the VP spot on Yang’s ticket, but if he doesn’t accept (and he might not — see below), an insider said that Partridge would be next in line for VP.

Class Presidents

Jeanette Clark: With the Columbia queer community having a busy semester, Clark is one of the few juniors already running a prominent campus group, and she could put together a strong “outside-the-councils” challenge.

AJ Pascua: Though a long-rumored possible contender for the CCSC Presidency, insiders say Pascua has his eyes set of the top of the 2010 ticket for a fourth third year, thus effectively pulling a near-David Chait.

Maximo Cubillete: The twice-defeated candidate for 2010 presidency could be back for a rematch with AJ Pascua, after declining to challenge him last year.

Learned Foote: Despite rumors of Novielli-esque ambitions to ascend to the CCSC presidency as a rising junior, insiders say that out of respect to Yang, among other things, Foote will seek re-election as president of the 11s.

Dark Horses

Jeffrey Hunter Northrop: The muscled Lorthario is mysteriously still on campus. Every graduating class in recent memory (2007 and 2008) was supposed to include JHN2, and yet, he remains. Perhaps he will dip his toes in CCSC waters — it would certainly explain his apparent devotion to Alma.

Michael Molina: Despite the fact that the prominent member of Columbia’s theater and music scene (he’s a member of the Kitchen Cabinet) will actually be in Europe next semester, rumors are swirling that students have already begun to gather grassroots support for him to mount an abroad run for 2010 President. “As far as I know, nobody has ever run while abroad. Maybe it will work?” said Molina.

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  1. uh...

    Any reason why AJ is the only one with a photo up here??

  2. because  

    AJ lied and said he was hispanic so he got a photo up there through affirmative action while others didn't

  3. Some Guy

    I'd vote for Mike Molina, I guess.

  4. ...

    Damn, this information is very accurate as someone who knows... BWOG, your tentacles run long and deep across Columbia...

    Also, this election is for Sue Yang to lose... This is Michelle Diamond 2.0... I'm not holding my breath for an intense presidential campaign

    But, still, she has to be careful... she has to walk a difficult tight rope... If she fills her ticket with insiders, she'll be susceptible to an outsider campaign... but if she doesn't give ambitious council kids spots as her VPs, there is a risk some might run with someone else if that is the only way they think they could get ahead

    • ...

      And another thing, there is no way Robyn Burgess could win a presidential election. If anything, she was a liability to Krebs last year.

      I mean, she couldn't even get the BSO to endorse Krebs' party and she was on the BSO eboard.

      And a correction, Sue Yang is the VP of 2010. There is no VP Policy on class councils; that's just on the exec board.

  5. molinaforprez

    psssssh this election is for MICHAEL MOLINA to lose. an all-abroad ticket complete with video blogs? ... dark horse my foot.

    jeffrey hunter for vp?

  6. sue yang  

    sue yang is fat and wants to work on wall st. take from that what you will.

  7. Anonymous  

    What's with queer guys dominating the landscape of student council politics? This reminds me of the overly involved but closeted types who did the same in high school. I demand a pithy answer that ignores all complexity and exceptions!

  8. hmm  

    jeanette was also a coop coordinator. she could give aj a run for his money

  9. matter of fact  

    AJ Pasuca does not equal David Chait. Pascua was not 2010's prez freshman year....Modesitt was. If everyone remembers the Modesitt drama

  10. wow

    This is pretty accurate. Not 100%, but not bad.

  11. hahaha  

    JHN III. "Vote for me, and I promise I won't roofie your 15 year old sister!

  12. Aint no way  

    that the man will take MOLINA down. MOLINA FTW. MOLINA 4E. MOLINA MOLINA MOLINA.

  13. Anonymous  

    On one hand, nobody in the past has won an election while abroad. On the other hand, nobody in the past has been Mike Molina.

  14. that  

    molina kid seems like he tries pretty hard and is pretty corny. just my impression. and since it pretty much takes a good degree of toolishness to run for this shit, his toolishness certainly doesnt preclude my vote.

  15. yeah  

    colin was in argentina and still won onto mark johnson's ticket

  16. On Sue  

    Sue Yang is awesome, and would probably win the election if she ran

  17. ...  

    what about felipe tarud?

  18. Maximo Cubilette...  

    relative of Maite Cubilette, genius creator of "8th Graders need to back off 9th grade guys especially other peoples BF'S"?!?


  19. sue yang  

    keep on building that resume for goldman sachs

  20. umm  

    sean udell is great.

  21. Sueyon  

    Sue Yang is a Michelle Diamond to the 20th power. The girl is nice, but she loves to seem really involved, while keeping in mind that resume padding is her true intention. Molina is pretty cool, although I am in agreement with the fact that his humor can be a bit corny. Regardless, I'd rather see someone new as CCSC prez and not the usual brigade of questionable gays and annoying bitches. My vote is for Molina. Plus, it'll be funny to see Sue Yang cry her little asian eyes out

  22. Who is trying

    to start this whole "Sue Yang wants to pad her resume" bullshit? Anyone who knows sue knows she works like a dog, and her work is quality

    Which is def not true of all ccsc members

  23. 2010  

    molina as president = best senior year ever

  24. Junior  

    yeah, molina can be pretty corny but I think he'd be the first to admit it. The kid is hilarious not to mention really smart and ambitious. I'd love to see him emerge as a leader at Columbia.

  25. cliff massey  

    is pretty freaking cute.

  26. as long as it's not

    another year of george krebs and mark johnson...

  27. ...

    Molina is good class president material. Class president does a lot of the social programming for the senior class. Student Body president is a much more serious position concerned more with policy and bureacratic annoyances.

    Plus, I think Molina could give AJ a run for his money since he is well-known in his class. I really don't think he could win a student-body wide election especially from abroad.

  28. also  

    sue yang is a damn hard worker. anyone who's anyone in CCSC knows that robyn burgess is nothing but DEADWEIGHT.

    sue yang is hardly the resume padder; anyone who knows robyn burgess knows that for the amount of bullshit she talks, she's the one padding. let's see robyn actually get her shit together and put together something meaningful besides another fucking "diversity showcase" with nothing useful but free food. that's not cultural awareness, dipshit. that's just you and george krebs making fools of yourselves on stage.

    • AGREED

      Watch what you say before you take a swing at Yang. She's actually GOTTEN shit done.

      Then again, I guess the better you become, the harder people will try to swing at you...


    • completely agree  

      Sue Yang would be awesome. Does it really matter if she is resume padding if it mean she gets shit done? - which she does because she's a hard worker and cares about council.

  29. what about?  

    student reps? student affair reps? senators?

  30. sue yang

    please vote for sue yang and anthony guinan pascua (who pretends like he's hispanic to exploit affirmative action admissions/hiring) if you want to help two more opportunistic columbia toolbags trade up for wall street tooldom. thanks.

  31. pro-Molina  

    Only because then the CCSC emails would be kinda funny and therefore maybe worth reading.

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