It’s never too early for CCSC gossip! (Or, you know, maybe it is.) Still, rumors have already started swirling about who’s going to be on the top of this year’s tickets. Here’s what we’ve heard — agree or disagree in the comments, or email us ( if you have any more gossip. 

CCSC Presidential Gossip

Sue Yang: The current 2010 VP and Study Day Project orchestrator has already begun to position herself (via increasing her reputation as an effective leader, for example heading up the Ivy Council) as a presidential candidate to be reckoned with.

Robyn Burgess (current VP of Campus Life) is also rumored to be harboring presidential ambitions. One CCSC insider speculates that should Burgess and Yang go head to head, it would be the latter to receive more support within the current council.

Cliff Massey (he of last year’s Damooei ticket) might be contemplating a presidential run, though he also may jump on Yang’s ticket as VP of Communications.

Sara Partridge: 2011 President Learned Foote is in a good position to be offered the VP spot on Yang’s ticket, but if he doesn’t accept (and he might not — see below), an insider said that Partridge would be next in line for VP.

Class Presidents

Jeanette Clark: With the Columbia queer community having a busy semester, Clark is one of the few juniors already running a prominent campus group, and she could put together a strong “outside-the-councils” challenge.

AJ Pascua: Though a long-rumored possible contender for the CCSC Presidency, insiders say Pascua has his eyes set of the top of the 2010 ticket for a fourth third year, thus effectively pulling a near-David Chait.

Maximo Cubillete: The twice-defeated candidate for 2010 presidency could be back for a rematch with AJ Pascua, after declining to challenge him last year.

Learned Foote: Despite rumors of Novielli-esque ambitions to ascend to the CCSC presidency as a rising junior, insiders say that out of respect to Yang, among other things, Foote will seek re-election as president of the 11s.

Dark Horses

Jeffrey Hunter Northrop: The muscled Lorthario is mysteriously still on campus. Every graduating class in recent memory (2007 and 2008) was supposed to include JHN2, and yet, he remains. Perhaps he will dip his toes in CCSC waters — it would certainly explain his apparent devotion to Alma.

Michael Molina: Despite the fact that the prominent member of Columbia’s theater and music scene (he’s a member of the Kitchen Cabinet) will actually be in Europe next semester, rumors are swirling that students have already begun to gather grassroots support for him to mount an abroad run for 2010 President. “As far as I know, nobody has ever run while abroad. Maybe it will work?” said Molina.