Meet Your New Bonnie and Clyde (Rod Blagojevich?)

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Uh well, yikes: a husband and a wife have been arrested for trying to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from Columbia. John Bzdil III and his wife Heather Brooke Rinehart scammed the University by sending in fake invoices that somehow, in fictitious criminal land, related to the Pediatric Neuroscience department at the Med School, of which Bzdil is the former manager.

They also tried to bill personal items — like their own wedding (at the pretty fancy looking Skytop Lodge, in Skytop, Pennsylvania) — to the University.  They managed to steal about $200,000 in total.

Documents detailing the team’s corruption after the jump.



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  1. Nice guys  

    Stealing from those who save lives. Very nice guys.

    Bwog how did you find this? Good catch.

  2. wow  

    "Each count carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison."


  3. here's  

    hoping their restitution payments are inflation-adjusted cuz by the time old alma sees any of this money the dollar is gonna be worth a lot less

  4. addendum:  

    fuck these bitches

  5. Pretty sure  

    "Bzdil" is impossible to pronounce.

  6. I like  

    How people defrauding Columbia for a couple of hundred thousand dollars is not even a top story.

    Also...that's just 4 student's worth of yearly fees. Sad, no?

  7. hey  

    ED's find out tomorrow evening. it's the beginning of the unlucky '13s.

  8. Help

    Are there any other seniors out there who are freaking out because none of us are going to get jobs? (Humanities majors, I'm talking to you!) Seriously--WE'RE NOT GOING TO GET JOBS NOT ONE OF US

  9. AlreadyGotOne  

    maybe if u had a personality you would get an offer....pwned

  10. i'm john bzdil  

    we rob schools

  11. WOW  

    This is so cool! I love it when people do things that belong in movies. How do they even come up with this stuff? At the dinner table, "Hey honey, so I was thinking about stealing tons of money from Columbia, what do you think?"
    "AWESOME! Can we wear costumes!" "Ya, if you want"
    "Cool, let's do it! I love costumes!"
    "Ya me too, we can disguise ourselves through the fax machine, and you can wear a candy striper's costume and non-chalantly collect the faxes at Columbia's end and deliver them to someone super secret! But they'll think you're a candy striper, so it'll be legit!"
    "YA!! I wonder if we could get our wedding covered"
    "Probs, they won't know the differences because you will be in costume!"
    "I LOVE PLANS LIKE THIS! It's sure to work!"

    I think that I just had a conversation with myself, but this probably isn't what happened. It would be cool if they wore costumes though. That's what I'd do anyway.

    I don't want to write my paper :(

  12. bwog!  

    Why isn't my cubmail working??

  13. well i think  

    my cubmail is working, I just checked with someone.

  14. if they had  

    stolen 300,000 more, they could have gotten themselves a senate seat! So close!

  15. bwog  

    please come and kill the pianist in lerner. he/she is playing the same 5 note sequence over and over again - and somehow, he/she keeps screwing up.

  16. CRAPP  

    Bwog please find out why my cubmail hasnt worked all day and if it will be working soon? This reading week! I need my damn email!!!

  17. SAME HERE  

    mine is not working either. it says 0 messages in all the folders, i dunno wtf is going on. my friend's is working.

  18. same

    My Cubmail hasn't worked for a full TWO DAYS and I NEED to access my e-mail immediately :( :( :(

    On the CUIT page it says that there's an "outage" and that 5% of Cubmail users are affected. WHY ME.

  19. quickie

    why do people use cubmail when there's gmail?

  20. dfg  

    USE GMAIL, or FWD your email from GMAIL automatically.

    CUBMAIL is the milk of the infidel

  21. bad timing  


  22. some

    teachers are affected, too. Cubmail down for about 4,000 people rumor has it.

  23. SDA  

    Man, and to think of the shit you have to go through to get reimbursed $50 for play props. How the hell does someone authorize a $25,000 reimbursement without checking to see what it was for?

  24. Jason

    The name is pronounced, (biz-dell). How do I know this? I graduated High School with him!

  25. Blah

    The new Bonnie & Clyde? C'mon, this story is over three monthes old.

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